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This past Sunday marked the one month wedding count-down. Eeek!

Recently my wonderful friends Denise & Jenna (aka matron & maid of honor) put together a lovely bridal shower…one that was very “me”.

While the intention was for it to be a surprise I figured it out quite quickly. Since we work together and have different days off, when I saw on the schedule that we just happened to have the same Saturday off I clued in.

My Mom and her friend Pam (who often gets mistaken for my Mom’s sister…I’ve known her since I was 5 so she may as well be my Aunt) drove down for the occasion.

I drove to the hotel where they were staying and was met with a surprise…

K surprise(Due to my Mom’s slow camera she missed the actual moment, so we recreated it here).

Pam’s daughter/ my longtime friend Jen flew in all the way from Atlanta! As I mentioned we go waaaaay back. I hadn’t seen her since last Christmas so it was so much to see her and catch up!

Kerry and Jen then and now

The Theme

The entire evening was centered around the theme, “love is a journey.” Love is a journey banner bridal shower theme

I thought it was great! It applies not only to Z and I (our affinity for traveling and plans for lots more of it in the future) but also to relationships in general. From dating to engagement to marriage to growing old together….it’s a special type of adventure that a couple goes on together.

The Decor

Denise printed out pictures of Z and I from over the years and hung them in strands. Pictures of K and Z for bridal shower

In honor of our wedding destination she adorned a “K” with tropical flowers.

K decorated in flowers


The ladies had quite a spread! Highlights included:

  • A “make-your-own” sangria bar: Boordy Viva Sangria + club soda+ an array of fruits.
  • Gluten-free s’mores cup cakes w/ dark chocolate chips (amazing).
  • Colorful rainbow fruit kabobs (mental note: these would be an easy contribution for a pot-luck!).

Bridal shower food


I love crafts. Denise had all the supplies for mason jar/ wine glass painting!

diy Mason jar painting

By pre-treating the glass then baking on low heat, the paint dries and sets. It was such a fun activity and a great favor for everyone to take home.

There were a couple of games, one of which involved me wearing this:

K in apron for bridal shower game

The challenge was to study it for one minute and then attempt to remember and write down as many of the “bridal emergency kit” items as possible. Congrats Pam for the win!


After opening the fun bags and boxes that awaited me it’s apparent that I need to drink coffee, drink water and go camping. I’m ok with that!K Bridal Shower Gift opening

In addition to all the planning/baking/decorating she did, Denise gave me a super thoughtful, creative, special gift. Stay tuned tomorrow to see what it was…

I want to know…

Did your bridal shower have a theme? If so, what was it?

What types of activities did you do?