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Since the theme of this week has been photography, I thought today I’d share five pictures that I can only dream of being talented enough to capture one day.

Five Photos I Wish I Could Say I Took

Military Homecoming (Julie Gayler Photography)

Military homecoming from Julie Gayler Photography

I remember that feeling…

Dolphin Surfer (George Karbus Photography)

George Karbus Dolphin Surfer

The angle of the shot is great. I love the texture of the bubbles!

Dog Ring Bearer (Rebekah J Murray )

Rebekah J Murray Bride Kissing her dog at weddingR

A sweet moment captured.

Dancers Among Us (Jordan Matter Photography)

Dancers Among Us from Jordan Matter Photography

Do yourself a favor and check out Jordan Matter’s site. His “Dancers Among Us” series is truly phenomenal. There is even one taken here in Baltimore!

SHAKE (Carli Davidson)

Border Collie Shaking from Carli Davidson

This photographer did a whole series of different dog breeds shaking. If you’re looking for a laugh, definitely check it out!

Have a great weekend!


I want to know…

Take a moment and look around you: what is the first framed picture you see?