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Today’s post is a part of my quest to hone my photography skills.

In order to take a good picture you need to of course know how to use your camera (which I’m still in the process of doing), BUT you also need to have something great to photograph.

The recipes I see on food blogs I follow have amazing pictures. Which makes sense: if you want people to make the food you’ve created you need to make them believe it’s good/tasty/worth it!

I by no means consider myself a food blogger, and will never live up to the likes of Kristin or Kath (and her ability to make oatmeal look gorgeous). That being said I found myself eager to learn some tips & tricks that could help me better capture my kitchen creations.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from food bloggers it’s: find the right light.

That’s where today’s project comes in: an at home photo studio!

Make your own home photo studio using posterboard

All you need are a few simple supplies to get quality photos in your own home!

A few pieces of poster board are all you need to create a portable light-reflecting “studio.”


  • 3 pieces of foam board (I got this Elmer’s Brand 3-pack at Target)
  • 1 small sheet of thin poster board
  • duct tape

Make your own home photo studio


Simply arrange foam board into a three-sided box.

Make your own home photo studio

Use duct tape to secure edges.

Make your own home photo studio

Place next to a window (natural light is the best), grab your camera, and shoot!


Lemon in at home photo studio

A white background is one of the best ways to make an object/food stand out.


Another trick I came across was the use of a “sweep” which will remove the distinct line in the background where the boards intersect. This is when the thin piece of poster board comes into play. DIY Photo Studio with Sweep

Attach it with a piece of tape and place object at the bottom. Voila! Line gone!

Lemon in photo studio with sweep

You can also take that same concept and get crazy with patterned fabric, felt, dish towels, etc. The background you choose can drastically alter the feel of the picture.Lemon on brown feltLemon on blue floral felt

I found these felt pieces at Hobby Lobby. 50 cents each? Don’t mind if I do.

Patterned felt piece from Hobby Lobby


I used my new “photo studio” to shoot my Pumpkin Pie Protein Bar recipe.

Pumpkin Pie Protein Bars | The Adventures of Z and K

Z walked in and found me like this:

K taking pics with photo studio

Sure it’s a tight space, but the window and small table make it an ideal location! (Please pay no attention to my “outfit” and by outfit I mean “blanket skirt”. That’s a whole other story…)

So far I’m having lots of fun learning more about photography and experimenting as I go along. I’ll continue sharing what I learn with all of you!

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