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Five Things Friday | The Adventures of Z & K
For today’s edition I thought I’d share with you five things that I’ve loving at the moment.

1) Pumpkin Lotion

This body butter from Trader Joe’s is phenomenal. It’s nice and thick and absorbs quite well. Plus the scent provides just the right hint of fall without being overwhelming.

Trader Joe's Pumpkin Body Butter

2) English Toffee Stevia

Oh my gosh. This flavor. Delicious. I’ve only ever splurged on this stuff once before (it’s not cheap: $12.99 at Whole Foods) but with a serving of 5 drops it lasts quite a while (200 servings I think it says on there). That being said I went out on a limb to try this toffee variation and I’m so glad I did. I stir it into my morning oatmeal or swirl it into my almond butter before dipping in my carrots. Soooo good.

Sweet Leaf Liquid Stevia Sweet Drops Sweetener English Toffee Flavor

3) Ginger Chews

Give me anything ginger and I will love it. These taffy-consistency chews are sweet with a slight ginger kick.

Original Ginger Chews Candy

4) My Journal

I’m so grateful I rediscovered this handy dandy journal I had gotten when from a conference I went to. It’s the perfect size to throw in my purse and comes with it’s very own pen and holder. I’ve been taking it everywhere.  That way I can stay on top of my wedding to-do list, jot down future blog post ideas, make shopping lists, etc.

K's journal

My wedding to do list journal

5) This quote.

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Early mornings quote

[I try to give credit where credit it due but a search for the original source left me empty handed]

I had a busy morning what with four straight hours of errand running. Now I feel drained of all productive energy. Some relaxing might not hurt I guess….

Enjoy you weekend everyone!


p.s. While Z and I did in fact spend a low-key Halloween at home, I DID get some costume time in at work. I present to you the Class of 2013:

group shot from KB

I want to know…

What is the most creative/unique/ridiculous costume you saw this Halloween?