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As you can imagine, I’ve been in full-on wedding planning mode recently.

While my to-do list is long, things are slowly but surely coming together which is a great feeling. Accomplishing tasks, delegating others…we may actually pull this thing off!

With my Mom here we were able to accomplish quite a bit. Here’s a recap:


While Mom was here our living/dining room became planning central. K and Mom wedding planning dinning room

Z did his best to steer clear of the craziness, checking in every once in awhile to see how it was going (smart man).

Mom’s first day here was spent attempting to find me shoes. A rather urgent task seeing as how my dress fitting was later that day and you certainly can’t hem a dress without the accompanying footwear. So…did I want heels? Flats? Sandals? Flip-flops???

Unfortunately this is the wrong time of year to be shopping for those types of things and my search left me empty handed. I ended up bringing along shoes I already had (to assess heel height) and decided just to make a game time decision once we got there.

I went with the seamstress Denise used for her wedding last year. Sheryl has been a dress-maker for over 30 years and has converted the basement of her home into a full-blown studio. She has been a delight to work with (not to mention affordable!).

Of course I brought along my entourage…K with bridesmaids Jenna and Denise


A majority of the next day was spent in front of the computer browsing websites and Pinterest.

That is after an 8am trip to Trader Joe’s (the closest to my Mom is NY is over an hour away so we always make a point to go when she’s here). K at Trader Joe's in Columbia, MD

Things that needed planning included (but not limited to):

  • A place to stay for the remainder of the week (the villa rental ends Thursday, but we plan on staying through Saturday).
  • Pricing different activities around the island—ziplining, catamaran sailing, touring chocolate plantations and rum distilleries.
  • Ideas for centerpieces.

We attempted to make a trip to David’s Bridal to browse dresses for Mom only to find that they were closed due to a power outage once we got there. Fail.


Our “dress quest” continued the following day with a trip to Macy’s (which already has some Christmas décor hung by the way).

It was nice to take a break from thinking about what I was going to wear and focus on Mom. I  got to be the one waiting in the dressing room for a change!K in dressing room at Macy's

We went through a number of dresses but ultimately went with something classic with a little sparkle. Although she’s not convinced it’s “the one” she at least has an option and can keep looking.

K with MOTB dress at Macy's

We also took a look at jewelry while there. What type of earrings do I want? Yes or no to a necklace? A bracelet?

By that afternoon, after all the shopping/looking/time spent in the car I had reached my limit. I was all planned out.

While the weekend was intense it was certainly helpful to be able to really focus on the tasks at hand. I wasn’t worrying about the laundry, or cleaning the kitchen. Those all could wait.

Hopefully this momentum continues on. Only 6 weeks to go!

I want to know…

Where is the best place to look for wedding accessories? 

Where did YOU find your jewelry? Shoes? Etc?