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K's Photo A Day October Challenge

Going from home –>work—>home doesn’t always do wonders for my inspiration/artistic eye and I’ll admit I had to play catch up on certain days. Regardless, here’s how this past week turned out…

OCTOBER 20: Afternoon

October Photo a day Challenge: AfternoonWe were so gosh darn efficient at work that we used the 20 minutes we had to spare that afternoon to go through some Tara Stiles yoga videos in our office.


October Photo a day Challenge: Afternoon

OCTOBER 21: 8:00October Photo a day Challenge: 8:00

The font on the challenge image was unclear. Some people read it as “8:00” while others “8.00″.” We therefore had two different interpretations which was fun.

For me 8:00 was the time when Z and I were parked in front of the computer catching up on three week’s worth of Amazing Race (love the Oklahoma boys & long-haired-bearded men).


October Photo a day Challenge: 8:00

OCTOBER 22: What You Saw Today

October Photo a day Challenge: What I saw TodayCame across this little guy right outside the door at work. He didn’t make a move when I approached him. Hoping he flew away happy and healthy once I left.


October Photo a day Challenge: What I saw Today

OCTOBER 23: M is For…

October Photo a day Challenge: M is for...Me time” which is exactly what dance class is for me every week. I’m not thinking about work, I’m not thinking about wedding planning, I’m not thinking about cleaning the house or grocery shopping. I’m just…dancing.


October Photo a day Challenge: M is for...Mixed soccer league game, Mandy, Many Beers

OCTOBER 24: Favorite Space

October Photo a day Challenge: Favorite SpaceI love sitting in my office and looking outside at all of my lovely little plant friends. Despite the weather getting cooler they are still soaking up every last inch of sun and making me smile.


“In front of the tv at 8:00 on a Thursday night watching my obsession TVD.”

OCTOBER 25: Leafy

25- LeafyAnother excuse for me to take close-ups. Look at that detail!


Leafy- DG


My “Him” (aka Z) was away at National Guard training all weekend so I’ll have to make up this pic in the near future….



Thanks to everyone for your submissions this week:
Mom, Dad, Denise, Susie,

There’s only one week left! If you have a picture that fits with the day’s theme, send it in an email and I’ll include it in the last weekly recap!

Grab those cameras and go!


I want to know…

What would YOU consider to be your “favorite space”?