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My Mom is in town for a the weekend helping me check things off my wedding to-do list. Whenever she is in town, or whenever I go up and visit her, or whenever I think about how I’m becoming a wife (aka a real grown up) I can’t help but get nostalgic for the days when I was “just a kid.” Where the biggest stressors in my life were an upcoming math test or my least favorite weekly chore–trash day.

Join me in a trip down memory lane. Back to a simpler time…

5 Pictures From My Childhood

  1. Leopard print + denim + pouffy bangs = win. K with leopard print denim outfit
  2. A dancer from an early age, one of my favorite things was putting on my cousin Kelley’s old dance costumes when we went to visit. K in dance costume
  3. Me and my best friend Jen. The plan was to submit this picture to Barbie magazine. Each month they featured a reader and their collection on the last page, what an honor! Unfortunately I don’t think we ever actually sent it in but regardless, Barbies were a way of life.K and Jen and barbie collection
  4. Then there was the time I got in to my Mom’s make-up. Now the good part is that I realized that mascara went on your face…just didn’t quite nail the “only on your eye lashes” part.K with mascara all over her face
  5. Love this picture of my brother and I. Taken on the air-tram at the Bronx Zoo. We spent many a day trip there (hmm, I went on to work with animals…shocking!). K and younger brother Kevin on tram and Bronx Zoo

Fingers crossed that lots of planning gets done this weekend and quality girl time is had!

I want to know…

What was YOUR least favorite chore as a kid?