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The Happiness Project by Gretch Rubin

Month 7: Buy Some Happiness

Ah, here we are at finances– a source of stress and unhappiness for many people. Paychecks, bills, receipts, budgets…those aren’t fun.

This chapter asked the question: can money actually buy happiness? According to the popular phrase it cannot. But are there situations where it can contribute???

Goals for the month:

The Happiness Project Chapter 7 Monthly Goals by Gretch Rubin

Favorite Quotes:

The Happiness Project Quote Chapter 7

The Happiness Project Quote Chapter 7

Real-Life Applications:

Falling under the “buy needful things” section was a description of two types of people: “underbuyers” and “overbuyers.”

An underbuyer delays making purchases and buys as little as possible. Overbuyers purchase things that they know they will use eventually (bulk quantities of shampoo, tools or gadgets). They buy things thinking “this will make a great gift for someone someday” etc.

I am a classic underbuyer. I like to buy things as I need them and in the smallest quantities. I’m a firm believer in grocery lists and coupons. Coupon holderBut this philosophy doesn’t always make much sense…I know I’m going to need toothpaste, I’m not going to stop using it, so why not buy multiple next time I see they’re on sale? It’s a hard concept to grasp in the moment: that spending NOW will save me more LATER.

There is also the concept of “spending out.” Gretchen realized she had a tendency to cling on to things. This could mean using something far longer than intended or saving something for a special occasion.

Once again, this is me.

I’m guilty of the special occasion way of thinking. For example, back in early July I bought a summer dress with the grand plans of saving it to wear out to dinner on my birthday.

Birthday plans came and went and the dress was never worn. Because of this I had in my mind that I had to save it for some other special event. Well now here it is….October….and I have yet to put the thing on.

I was reminded of a quote I had pinned awhile back which seemed fitting:

Don't save things for a special occasion quote

Tomorrow is not a guarantee so why not wear that fun outfit or use the fancy plates and silverware TODAY.

This concept is something I vow to work on. Spend out. Don’t save things hidden away. Enjoy now. Be happy.

I want to know…

Would you describe yourself as an underbuyer or overbuyer?

What is something that you’ve held on to far longer than you should?

Is there something that you’ve been holding on to for a “special occasion”?