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Two months….61 days to be exact.

K and Z Snorkleing in St. Lucia

I took a day off next week so my Mom and I can have a three day weekend together to get some serious wedding work done.

Using last month’s update as a guide, let’s see what progress has been made and what’s still left to do.

The Wedding of K & Z

  • Venue: Need to start thinking about how we’re going to go about transforming the house into a proper ceremony/reception site. These white doors off the living room will be opened to create a larger space directly out to the porch. You can an absolutely stunning view from there so the owner recommended that location for the ceremony.

Le Gallerie Villa St. Lucia living room

  • Colors: No decisions made. Just going to have to see what my options are in terms of flowers, brainstorm a bit with Mom in terms of décor and go from there. Destination wedding color pallates
  • Florist: Still no idea. I did find this picture from another St. Lucia wedding. I like that the flowers are tropical without being obnoxiously so. St. Lucia wedding tropical bouquet
  • Décor: To plan with Mom.
  • Food: Finally heard from the villa owner who asked me to send her my dietary restrictions (of which there are a quite a few, hence my trepidation). She is currently in St. Lucia and was going to be meeting with Orlando, the chef who will be cooking for us, and creating a potential menu. We’ll see what they come up with!

Dinner at Boucan St. Lucia

  • Photographers: Cannot wait to meet Meg and Charles in person! Meg Baisden Photography.
  • Wedding Party: I know they are busily planning things like showers and bachelorette festivities. As you can tell by the entire planning process I’ve assured them that I don’t expect much…just my closest friends together, that alone would make me happy. Kerry Denise and Jenna
  • Bridesmaids Dresses: Can’t wait to see what they find!
  • Wedding Dress: Heading for my first alteration appointment next week. Denise and Jenna will be coming along and it will be their first time seeing the dress!
  • Hair/Accessories: Don’t know.
  • Tuxes: Z bought a good quality suit last year and after some thought we decided to just have him wear that as opposed to spending hundreds on a new one. He will need a new shirt, tie, and shoes, but that is a far less daunting task.
  • Wedding Rings: We went to try them on last week. Although we will be purchasing them online, I especially wanted to make sure to see it in person. I’m so glad I did! The setting on my engagement ring makes it a bit challenging to find an appropriate band. Not 100% decided yet.
  • Invitations: Response cards are coming in! Since we’ll be iPod-ing it up, my Mom included a “favorite song” question on the invites. It’s been fun reading the answers!image
  • Other:
    • Rehearsal Dinner: Z’s Mom, Kristi is on it.
    • Group Activities: It would be fun for everyone to do an activity together like snorkeling or zip lining. Need to get info and pricing.
    • Wedding Night Hotel: Need to choose it and book it!

Whew. Done.

Once again, it’s helpful to list it all out like this. Definitely helps me process.

I want to know…

Do YOU have any great song suggestions for the wedding playlist?