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The first week of October has passed and so far I’m loving this photo a day challenge!

October Photo A Day Challenge The Adventures of Z and K

It’s encouraging me to look at my everyday life with a new creative eye, which I love.

My excitement and enthusiasm has been contagious apparently because a number of other people have joined in as well: Z, my parents, coworkers, other bloggers. It’s been so fun to see how each person interprets that day’s word.

Here are the results…

October 1: Breakfast

Waffles with nut butter strawberries, banana, chia for breakfast

One of my standard go-tos: waffles w/ nut butter, strawberries on one half, bananas on the other, topped with chia seeds and LOTS of cinnamon. All enjoyed alongside festive fall décor.

From others:

October Photo a Day Challenge breakfast pictures

October 2: Red

K and Denise with red dolphin toy at aquarium

There are a lot of things in my life that would have qualified for today’s theme. Let’s be honest, every other thing I own is red. However, I decided to go a bit out of the box.

At work we have a dolphin toy specifically called, “the big red dot.” It seemed only fitting. I grabbed Denise and the self-timer feature and there you have it (making sure to get the large red pier 4 sign in there as well).

From Others:

October Photo a Day Challenge the color red

October 3: Refreshing

October Photo a Day Challenge Trader Joe's Pumpkin Body Butter

Nothing like getting done with an 8hr work day spent elbow deep in dead fish, showering it all off, then enjoying my newest impulse purchase from Trader Joe’s. It’s just as wonderful as I hoped it would be. Not to mention refreshing.

From Others:

October Photo a Day Challenge refreshing

October 4: Close-Up

October Photo a Day Challenge close up of engagement ring on map near Egypt

Z and I had gone wedding band browsing earlier on that day, thus my inspiration. My engagement ring and the place it happened.

From Others:

October Photo a Day Challenge close up of cat sloth tie beer flowers

October 5: Taste

Gluten free ginger snap s'more

I’m all about mini-desserts. That way I can get just a little TASTE. My newest creation? Open-faced ginger snap s’more. One with a TASTE of chocolate and one with a TASTE of butterscotch morsels.


October 6: Faraway

Post cards from buenos aires and peru

I love getting mail. My dear friend Jason consistently sends postcard greetings from all of his many worldly travels. I save them all in my desk drawer and today’s theme was a great chance to revisit them!

From Others:

October photo challenge faraway

Thank you to the following people who played along this week:
Z, Mom, Dad, Denise, Susie, Carolyn,

You can follow along daily by checking out The Adventures of Z & K on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Want to join in on the fun? Send me an email with your picture and I’ll include it in the next weekly recap!

Grab those cameras and go!