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Last month, amidst the elimination of the guest bedroom in favor of separate offices, Z snatched up a Living Social deal for a removable chalkboard decal from Amazing Wall Decal.

For $15 we got a roll 6ft long! You can cut it to whatever size and shape you want and the absolute best part is that it’s removable! Unlike chalkboard paint, you don’t have to make a long term commitment.

Removable chalkboard wall decal paper rollRemovable chalkboard wall decal paper roll

Cut it. Peel it. Stick it. Repeat.

After Z took some for his office, I was left with the remaining. I decided upon the corner to the right of my desk would be a great place to hang a “wedding count down/to-do” list. That way I could visualize what I needed to get done and add/cross off with ease.

The stuff is pretty sticky so it was helpful to have a sidekick to help make sure it went on straight.

Hanging removable chalkboard wall decal

I then took things a step further and added a little “Kerry touch” with some red ribbon as a border.

Wedding planning to-do list on chalkboard wall decal

Once all was in place, it was time to list! I like lists….

Wedding planning to-do list on removable chalkboard wall decal

I now have a list that I can look at each and every day instead of something hidden in a Word document or binder of some sort.

K's office with removable chalkboard decal

Once the wedding’s over I can use the board for something else or take it down and find another use for it altogether.

A quick and easy organization project. Now to cross things off that list!

I want to know…

Did you have the classic “wedding planning binder” or something similar?