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I’ve always enjoyed photography. I distinctly remember what a big deal my very first digital camera was. A (now considered) huge blue contraption that I thought was the coolest thing ever.

I would take it with me everywhere and became known for my 24 hour turn-around-time when it came to uploading them. I even filled my graduation cap with photos that I had taken during high school. K's graduation cap with photo collage

Before starting this blog I found myself slacking at the whole picture taking thing. I lost an excitement for it. This online outlet has been a great way for me to rekindle that specific aspect of my creativity.

Nikon camera

Next week Z and I are off to a photography lesson which my Mom gifted me for my birthday. I hope to learn more about my camera and the different functions (iso, aperture and all those other fancy terms) in an attempt to grow and develop my skills.

My Challenge to Myself

Last month I enjoyed following along with Allison’s September’s Blog Break in which she challenged herself to take pictures each day inspired by a specific word. Pulling from her list as well as various others I found on Pinterest I’ve created one of my own:

K's Photo A Day October Challenge

I don’t plan on posting these every day (a weekly round-up maybe?) but think it will inspire me to look at my every day life in a fun new way.

I’ve even mentioned it to Z and want him to join in as well. I think it’ll be interesting to see what he comes up with/ how he interprets each word.

I invite you to play along as well!

In no means do you have to do every day…maybe even just one. Be creative!

If you do, let me know so I can check it out!

I want to know…

What kind of camera do you have now? Do you use it often?