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I am coming up on 6 months of low FODMAP eating.



It’s been a challenge and a learning experience. I feel as though I’m more in tune with how specific foods affect me and can therefore make better choices to keep my stomach at least somewhat content.

The summer brought about lots of low FODMAP goodies such as blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, melon, squash and tomatoes. I love love love all of those!

However NOW is where it gets really hard. One of the worst offenders in the world of FODMAPs is….

K at farmer's market with honeycrisp apples

Nooooooooooooo. Not apples! ANYTHING but apples!

No apples on a low fodmap diet

Fall is here and that means this fruit takes center stage. A fall without apples will be a big change for me because I used to eat them almost every…single…day. But then again my stomach hurt almost every…single…day.

That’s what I need to remind myself when I think about a trip to the orchard or the farmer’s market. When I see a shelf stocked full of honeycrisps.

Ok, enough focusing on the negative. Instead, let’s focus on what I can have. I made myself the following list as a reminder:

FODMAP Friendly Fall Produce

(*Note: This is not a complete list of ALL low FODMAP fruits & veggies, just the ones I regularly eat.)

I’ve gotten so excited about all the delicious squash recipes I’m coming across that I don’t even think about apples anymore. I plan on doing a little round up of some of my “dying to try” fall recipes next week so stay tuned!

While my first fall sans apples may be tough, I know I’ll survive.

I want to know…

What fall produce are you looking forward to most?