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Last week we hit the 3 month mark. In fact it’s 13 weeks….91 days.

Not a lot of time!

I get overwhelmed thinking about it because there is still a lot up in the air (thanks to a lack of efficient communication with the owner of the villa who is setting things up for us). It is during these times that Z talks me down off the ledge and reminds me that when it comes down to it, the big things are already taken care of.

So let’s recap with a list of common planning basics and my status on each one, shall we?
(Seeing it written out will either make me feel better or worse…not sure yet).

The Wedding of K & Z

  • Venues: Ceremony & reception will take place at our private villa. As for a welcome/rehearsal dinner? TBD.

Le Gallerie Villa St. Lucia at night

  • Colors: Not sure. My favorite color is red and I’m having my friends wear black dresses. However I don’t want it to come across as oddly formal. Therefore I’m playing around with tropical color palates which would incorporate those two colors.

Destination wedding color pallates

  • Florist: No idea. Another aspect that the villa owner was supposed to arrange. I don’t care too much about them I just don’t want them to be tropically tacky. The small red ones I found on the side of the road would do just fine. I’ll bring scissors and cut them myself!Red Ixora St Lucia
  • Décor: No idea. Centerpieces…of some kind….maybe more candles than flowers (it’ll be outside after sunset).
  • Food: NO IDEA. This is one of the most stressful parts for me. The villa owner is working with a local restaurant chef who has done weddings for her before. I’ve asked for sample menus for weeks now with no response. With my stomach sensitivities the last thing I want to do is be sick for my wedding! Also we have no concept of how much it will cost. None. I sure would like to get it squared away soon and can only hope we can have something as delicious as this molten lava cake we had when we visited last October. Molten Lava Cake from Hotel Chocolate St Lucia
  • Photographers: Booked. Meg Baisden Photography.
  • Wedding Party: My support network.K Denise and Jenna at Halloween
  • Bridesmaids Dresses: Whatever they want. A black dress of some sort to eliminate need to coordinate colors. It can be anything from Wal-Mart to J.Crew. Something they feel great in.
  • Wedding Dress: After a bit of a delay it is here in my possession. I am in contact with a seamstress and will be scheduling a fitting for alterations within the next couple of weeks.
  • Hair/Accessories: NO IDEA. Don’t even know where to start…something with flowers maybe??Tropical wedding hair with flowers
  • Tuxes: More like suits…after all this is the tropics. Haven’t picked one out yet.
  • Wedding Rings: Picked out ones online but I want to try it on before committing.
  • Officiant: While Z’s father will be the one performing the ceremony, to make it legal in St. Lucia we need to have a representative there as well. The villa owner has at least coordinated and booked that. We’ll be legal!
  • Invitations: I loved our Saved the Dates so much that invitations just seemed oddly formal and not something I was overly concerned about. My Mom being the crafty creator she is actually took a design I liked online and handmade them herself! They turned out wonderful. Thanks Mom!

Ok. I feel pretty good after seeing it written out! My Mom will be entering in to retirement this week (yay!) and is planning on coming down one or more times over the next few weeks to help me figure out details and get things done.

While yes there are things to take care of in the end I have my friends, family, a groom, a dress, a photographer and an officiant. Regardless of what happens I’ll end the trip married!

I want to know…

What is one wedding planning task you delegated to someone else (and you’re SO glad you did)?