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Five Things Friday Logo From the Adventures of Z & K

It’s that time of the week again! I have the day off and have a long to-do list ahead of me. Some household chores but also some wedding planning (and by planning I mean most likely scouring Pinterest for ideas). In the mean time today’s “5 things” are…

Tasty Things I Ate This Week

1) Oatmeal in empty almond butter jar.

Oats in an empty almond butter jar

2) Green protein smoothie.

Green Smoothie with pineapple cantaloupe ginger protein powder romaine chia

3) Bento Box Lunchbento lunch box with taco turkey corn chips carrots raspberries

Taco seasoned ground turkey w/ tomato & romaine + unsalted blue corn chips + carrots + raspberries w/ coconut (unsweetened) and pecans

4) Stuffed Acorn Squash

white acorn squash

A total Whole Foods impulse purchase….Stuffed white acorn squash with ground turkey tomato basil

squash stuffed w/ ground turkey + oven roasted tomatoes +
fresh basil + balsamic

5) Strawberry sorbet.Frozen strawberry dessert with cinnamon coconut dark chocolate almond bark

1/8 frozen banana + 3 frozen strawberries + splash of almond milk
topped w/ coconut (unsweetened) + cinnamon + dark chocolate almond bark

Despite no official meal plan, looking back there were some yummy creations this week! I’m hoping to keep the trend going and make some more concrete dinner plans for next week. Ideally they would involve the crock pot (need to use it more).

Have a great weekend everyone!

I want to know…

At the grocery store, what’s something you tend to “impulse buy””?