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I can now check off Ohio as one of the states I’ve been to.

Z and I spent Labor Day weekend road tripping across western Maryland/Pennsylvania/even a little West Virginia to attend his cousin’s wedding in Columbus.

Unfortunately our schedules forced us to leave at 1pm…on Friday…of Labor Day weekend. Look closely at the road sign in the pic below. This was RIGHT after leaving the city. A good indicator of things to come. At least we were appropriately fueled!

Dunkin Donuts Hazelnut Iced Coffee while stuck in traffic

The 7-7.5hr trip ended up taking us a solid 8.5 hrs. I’m not one who can read/browse my phone/ work on my tablet in the car because it gives me headaches. Most of the time was spent listening to music, Jim Gaffigan’s Pandora station and doing activities such as making a family tree cheat sheet for myself (I had yet to meet Z’s father’s side of the family and wanted to keep everyone straight in my mind once we got there).

After a LONG drive we arrived in Columbus where we, along with Z’s parents and brother were staying with family. While the rest of the family stayed in the house, Z and I had THIS:

RV accomodations

It was like our own little apartment! One full bath, one half bath, bed, kitchen w/ fridge and freezer as well as living area. Z’s relatives take this thing all across the country and have the goal to travel to (almost) every state.

The next day we went to visit The Ritsy Rose, a boutique owned by Z’s relatives (2nd cousin? cousin once removed???), specializing in brooch bouquets. I plan to do a post about the store later. Truly unique. Ritsy Rose and Northstar Cafe

For lunch we stopped by Northstar Café thanks to the recommendation from Lindsay where I had a delicious glass of fresh pressed carrot juice….really hit the spot.

The wedding was held that evening at the Columbus Museum of Art. A 5:30 evening affair at an art museum….you know it’s going to be fancy.

Columbus Museum of Art

The colors were a beautiful navy and gold and the ceremony/reception site was beautiful. A large open atrium with a colorful sculptural centerpiece.

Devin and Cassie's Wedding at Columbus Museum of Art

During the cocktail hour guests were encouraged to tour the museum. Art isn’t usually my thing, but we had fun browsing and contemplating the various exhibits.

Z and K at Columbus Museum of Art

The fun thing about the museum was the interactive activities sprinkled throughout. The oversized puzzle of one of the paintings on the wall was by far a hit.

We ended up getting sucked in and could not leave until it was finished. In fact we were late to our seats at dinner (almost missing the bride & groom entrance) because of it. In the end…success!

Puzzle at Columbus Museum of Art

The ceremony took place in the same atrium and with the lighting it was stunning. Reception at Columbus Museum of Art

Dinner was a self-serve buffet featuring salads in martini glasses, a mashed potato bar (sweet potatoes w/ cinnamon and pecans….mmmm) a pasta station (skipped the pasta and went for the accompanying grilled chicken) and freshly carved strip steak (I rarely have steak so I found it a must to try).

Wedding reception at Columbus Museum of Art

Being the old folks that Z and I are we called in an early night. No drinking and dancing til all hours of the night for this girl.

Overall it was a beautiful wedding and a wonderful opportunity to finally meet family members who I’ve heard about time and time and again.

I want to know…

When and where was the last wedding you attended?