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Adventures of Z & K: Five Things Friday

Happy Friday/Labor Day Weekend!

my week in 5 photos:

1) Although I stole this photo, appropriately titled, “The Team” it really captures the essence of the crazy people I work with every Sunday (I’m the one running away middle right…yeah, sometimes I do that). The Team

2) I did it. I broke down and purchased an apple cinnamon candle this past week and have been burning it non-stop. I. Love. It. I know it’s still August…sorry I’m not sorry.

Glade Apple Cinnamon Candle

3) I tried a new-to-me dessert this week: chia pudding. Chia Seed Pudding Dessert

chia seeds + almond milk + blueberries + lime zest + maple syrup
(let sit to refrigerate overnight)

I topped it with some crumbled Puffins cereal and mixed in some dark chocolate chips. Fantastic.

4) Thursdays are my early days at work. As you can see by the time (4:23am), my day starts off with some coffee and computer time before making breakfast, packing lunch and heading out the door by 6.

4:23am time on computer screen

5) While it’s not a picture I took, it’s an image nonetheless. This afternoon Z and I will be roadtripping to the magical land of Columbus, OH. I’ve never been to Ohio before but there’s a first time for everything. Baltimore to Columbus OH roadtrip

Z’s cousin is getting married on Saturday…a fancy evening ceremony at the art museum, so fun! I’ve yet to meet this side of the family and am looking forward to a weekend of celebration.

I want to know…

How are YOU spending the holiday weekend?