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Month 2: Remember Love

As I mentioned last week, Z and I have started reading The Happiness Project together (you can see my recap of the first chapter here).

The first set of monthly goals focused on boosting energy and creating order. Month two, Gretchen set aside to focus on her relationship with her husband.

The Happiness Project-- Chapter 2 Goals

Favorite Quotes

The Happiness Project Quote- you cannot change anyone else.

The Happiness Project Quote-- the most extraordinary person in the entire world has chosen you.

Real-Life Applications: No Nagging

When I mentioned that I was in the process of reading this a friend of mine responded, “LOVE that book. It taught me not to nag my husband.” After finishing this chapter it’s taught me the same.

I have this thing about the pillows on our couch. It all goes back to the “create order” theme of the last post, but in short I find a sense of contentment and calm in having the pillows nicely in place when not at use. Z does not share the same sense of fulfillment…

Couch pillows askew

(Can you guess which of us sits on which side??)

Gretchen writes: “Why did I get to decree that it was Jamie’s responsibility to make sure we had plenty of cash on hand? Once I took over the job, we always had cash on hand, and I was much happier.”

This made me realize that if placing pillows was something that I found important, I should be the one to do it. This way it would always get done and I would therefore be more content.

Z does his best to remember when he can (and I am appreciative), but on the other hand I don’t fault him if he forgets. So there you have it. No nagging.

I want to know…

What is one of YOUR pet peeves when it comes to your house?