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Five Things Friday | The Adventures of Z & K

I’ve seen this concept on multiple blogs, each with slightly different spins. Some people highlight five of the best things they ate that week, or five articles/posts they’ve read, or five of their favorite “something”.

I enjoy these types of posts because they’re usually full of randomness and good articles to read. Since I’m in the process of figuring out the direction of this little site of mine I thought now’s as good time as any to experiment with some different concepts. I’ll see if I like them, see if you like them and go from there.

Today we’ll start with one of my favorite things: Pinterest.


  1. Best of the Bean: Top 30 Workouts – The Lean Green BeaN

8 Min Low Impact Cardio- The Lean Green BeanA great collection of workouts! Everything from strength training to low impact cardio routines like this one.

2. Caramel Studded Oatmeal Blondie Bars – Hungry Hungry Hippie

Caramel Studded Oatmeal Blondie Bar- Hungry Hungry Hippie

I started following Elise’s blog when I first heard of FODMAP eating. This recipe of hers sounds like a tasty and delightful treat. I plan on making in the near future.

3. Sandwich Rounds {using almond flour}– Comfy Belly

Comfy Belly: Sandwich RoundsEver since my bread machine success, I’m all about making my own. This recipe has a simple ingredient list and uses one of my favorite baking staples: almond flour!

4. Almond Butter Stir Fry– The HummusapienAlmond Butter Stir Fry- The Hummusapien

Keeping with the almond theme, this is a twist on your classic peanut sauce. I’ll have to adjust the recipe slightly to meet my needs (I’m thinking chicken, zucchini noodles in place of broccoli, and no garlic) but totally do able.

5. Barcelona Balcony Dress– Mod Cloth

Mod Cloth Barcelona Balcony Dress

It’s red. It’s black. It’s basically made for me.

I’m off to start my weekend which will hopefully include errands, baking, a free bootcamp class, and shopping for a dress to wear to Z’s cousin’s wedding next week. Have a great one yourself!


p.s. Check out fellow Baltimore Blogger Kait’s 5 Things Friday over at her blog Kait Makes a Run For It.