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For Z’s “birthday-versary” gift, I signed us up for a “Superfoods Cooking Class” at Living Social’s 918 F Street Location in DC. Neither of us have ever taken a cooking class and since we both enjoy creating healthy creations in the kitchen we were looking forward to the experience. Living Social- outside

The Place

Living Social’s 918 F Street is a unique event space that “brings the best of DC all under one roof.” They host lots of different classes and events including cooking, painting, belly dancing, concerts and comedy shows.

Living Social- lobby

The building is a renovated historic town home right in the heart of DC (I remember walking by when Z and I went to the Spy Museum) and is absolutely beautiful. After checking in at the front desk we were sent to the second floor sitting area to await the start of the class.

The Food

From there we headed up yet another flight of stairs to the kitchen. A room filled with rows upon rows of work spaces, a demo area up front and refrigerators and sinks along the sides.

Living Social 918 F Street Kitchen

Each work station was set up with all the utensils and ingredients pre-measured for you in handy dandy little cups (just like they do on daytime talk shows!).

Living Social 918 F Street- Superfood Cooking Class ingredients

Living Social 918 F Street- Superfood Cooking Class ingredients

Living Social 918 F Street- Superfood Cooking Class K and Z

Our instructor for the class was Lisa Jackson, a Registered Nurse, certified Health Coach, yoga instructor, and founder of Carpe Diem Wellness. Her goal was to promote the importance of super foods and demonstrate quick and easy ways to incorporate them into a variety of dishes.

Over the course of the two hours we created four dishes:

Living Social- Food we made

rainbow kale salad, quinoa salad w/ cumin-lime dressing, cacao goji truffles, sunflower queso dip

We had a recipe guide to follow which allowed for “Kerry-stomach-friendly” customization. That is all except the kale salad—kale is a no-go for me so that was allllll for Z.

The dish I’m holding below is a sunflower seed dip the consistency of a more watery hummus. It was light and tasty and would pair nicely with carrots.

K and Z and Super foods cooking class 918 F Street

I plan to share the recipes and my FODMAP friendly customizations in the near future so stay tuned for that.

The Verdict

Such a fun experience. Z and I agreed that we often overlook how close DC is and really should take more advantage.

There are lots of different classes and events at 918 F Street so definitely check them out. Here are just a few that sound enjoyable:

Paint Your Own Wine Glasses + Wine

Belly Dancing + Bellini

Cookies + Corks

I want to know…

Have you ever taken a cooking class? If so, what kind?

Have you ever taken any other type of class?

My Mom and I took a flower arranging class when I was younger. That’s definitely something I think would be fun to do again!