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As I sit down to write this, it is exactly T-FOUR months until the wedding. Where has time gone?!

People keep asking me, “how’s the wedding planning going? got everything done?” to which I reply, “well…um…kinda sorta not at all.”

I’m not the overly particular-scour the message boards-obsess over every little detail type of bride. In the situation I’m in right now, that works out quite well for me. I’m just going with the flow…K in Patterson Park

One of the key aspects of a destination wedding is the lack of complete control over just about everything. You can’t make multiple trips to the venue to ensure the set up is just the way you want it, you can’t visit the florist, do food tastings, etc. Everything must be done remotely and ultimately a lot of the responsibility falls into the hands of others.

That is where I am currently.

Jalousie Beach St. Lucia

The Details

We are having the ceremony and reception at the villa we are staying at and the owner Barb, who has hosted multiple weddings there, ensures us she will take care of everything: the legalities, the food, the flowers, the chair rentals, etc.

This is all well and good except for the fact that Barb lives in England. She’s not a wedding planner whose job it is to be at my beck and call. No, she has things to do, vacations to go on, a life to live. This makes communication less than stellar. We’ve gone a month or more without replies to our emails. Not ideal.

So there are A LOT of things up in the air right now. But all of those things are details that I don’t necessarily care too much about. What types of decorations are we going to have? The scenery itself is so beautiful we don’t need a lot. What type of food are we going to eat? Just give me some deliciously fresh island fruit and I’ll be good.

Fresh fruit of St. Lucia

The things that I DO care about are already taken care of.

So at the end of the day I will be in a white dress with my family and friends and have pictures of it all. That’s what ultimately matters.

The Knot Knows

Just for fun I thought I would see what The Knot tells me I should be figuring out at this point…

The Knot Wedding Planning Checklist

  • Decide on flowers- I’d be fine with the tiny red ones I saw on the side of the road. Barb told me to email her pictures of what I like. She will get flowers.
  • Search for local bakers/dessert options– We’re not cake people but we ARE chocolate people. Thankfully there are cocoa plantations right on the island so we’re hoping Barb can arrange for something tasty.
  • Research ceremony musicians– An iPod will suffice.
  • Research hairstylists + make-up artists – Haven’t looked in to this at all. I DID talk to my stylist at my hair appointment yesterday who said she could teach me to curl/style my own hair if I wanted to go that route. Some curls, some product, pin a flower in and there you have it…instant tropical hair!
  • Groom + Groomsman attire- Haven’t decided. Z loves dressing up so some suit of some sort I’d imagine.
  • Finalize rental list– Another thing Barb is supposed to be handling. We’ll need chairs.
  • Plan rehearsal dinner– Some ideas were thrown around, but nothing’s set yet.
  • Finalize reception menu– Barb was supposed to be sending menu ideas…
  • Order invitations– It seems silly to spend copious amounts of money when anyone coming already knows about it. Mom thinks she can perhaps make something. I’m fine with whatever.

As you can see. Not much decided. While Barb is supposed to be taking care of a lot there are some things that Z and I can be working on (what will he wear? what do we want for a rehearsal dinner, etc).

Looks like we’ve got our work cut out for us!

I want to know…

Do you have any wedding hairstyle/makeup tips to share?

What kind of food did you have at your wedding?

What song did you walk down the aisle to?