Recently I came to the realization that I’m spreading myself too thin. I’m attempting to tackle too many things at one time and let me tell you…it’s exhausting.

My daily life included a 40 hr/wk job, a blog with daily posts, a fiancé, a new puppy, a wedding to plan, a house to be cleaned, etc. etc.

Since I’m a perfectionist (always have been always will be) I want to do all of these things and I want to do them well. Maybe to the point of fault.

Therefore I decided that I need to strategize and prioritize my commitments in order to ensure that I get things done (the weddings only FOUR months away after all) while still retaining my sanity.

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One of the changes I feel like I need to make is the blog.

dear blog note from K

This is a tough thing for me to comprehend because it’s something I truly enjoy doing. It gives me an outlet away from day to day stresses to express myself creatively, photograph and write.

However it takes time… a lot of it. Remember what I said about being a perfectionist? I get so wrapped up on my days off about editing this picture perfectly, writing this paragraph just right and researching new ideas that before I know it my weekend/time when I should be relaxing/wedding researching/etc, has slipped away from me.

Therefore as of right now I’m going to take a step back. Posting seven days a week may just not be in the cards for me right now.

It’s hard not to compare myself to the people who do (if they can do it, why can’t I?)  but I must keep in mind that they may not have 40hr/wk jobs, that they might not have a destination wedding to plan.

This isn’t to say that I’m stopping altogether, no no. I enjoy it too much. Instead I’m just going to pull back on the amount of posts per week. That way I can focus on creating quality content and making sure that each post I do is one that I’m 100% proud of instead of one that I post just to have something new that day.

This will also allow me time to think about my blog in general. Over the past year I’ve evolved and changed and I think my blog has too.

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A couple weeks ago I signed up for the free “Build Your Remarkable Blog” Series from Rita @ Blog Genie. The first task- find and narrow down your niche.

Part of being successful is realizing that you can’t and shouldn’t write your blog for everyone. You’ll simply end up with a watered down version of yourself that isn’t interesting to anyone – you included. -Rita

What do I want this blog to focus on? What are the things I most enjoy writing about? These are all questions to ponder.

Don’t worry. I will still be posting recipes we’ve tried, places in Baltimore we’ve explored, sharing wedding plans. I’ll still be continuing with this passion of mine…just not every single day of the week.

Thanks for following along with Z and I and all our adventures thus far. I assure you there will be many more.

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