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With my increased interest in cooking and baking I’ve come to realize that another area of my life that was in need of organization was my measuring cups and spoons.

The current situation looked like this:

Measuring cups and spoons in tin

All shoved in to a round tin. They barely fit and often times you must pour the whole thing out to find the size you’re looking for. I knew there had to be a better way.

Once again, Pinterest saves the day. I was inspired by the “Dollar Store Kitchen Organization” post on the blog I Should Be Mopping the Floor (great name!).

While my Mom was here we embarked on “Operation Organization.” The result? A quick and easy DIY project that makes life in the kitchen SO much easier. Kitchen Organization- Measuring cups and spoons

Step 1: Go To Target

Visit the “Picture Hanging” section of the store to get yourself some quality Command hooks.

Command hooks at Target

I brought along the measuring cups and spoons that I would be hanging to ensure they would fit. These wire hooks were just what I needed!

Command hooks at Target

Step 2: Choose a Location

I had been keeping my measuring utensils near by tupperware until Mom pointed out that it might make more sense to keep them near my spices….you know, the things I’m actually measuring. Genius!

Savory spices in cabinet

Step 3: Measure Space

Using a ruler, arrange the cups on the counter in order to figure out placement. Measuring cup organization

Transfer measurements to the cabinet using a pencil to mark where the hooks should be placed.

Measuring cup organization

Step 4: Attach Hooks & Hang Cups

Place hooks at the locations that you marked. Allow them time sit for a few minutes before hanging cups.

Measuring cup organization

Ta-da!Measuring cup organization

Step 5: Repeat w/Spoons

It’s as easy as that! Now I can open my spice cabinet and have easy access to my measuring tools. Why oh why haven’t I done this sooner?!

Measuring cup organization

I want to know…

What is the most used spice in YOUR cabinet?