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It’s time for another edition of…

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The focus of last week was all about adjustment as Jack settled in to life as a city dog. Adjustment will be an ongoing thing but already he’s come quite a long way.

We’ll make this week’s theme “exploration.”

Exploring objects

He was the first to explore my Foodie Pen Pals box when it arrived. Z with foodie pen pal package

Exploring NATURE

He then became the ultimate adventurer when we headed out on our first hike. The woman fostering him would take him all the time so we knew he’d love it. He is a fan of the water and had no problem wading right in and swimming around in the name of stick retrieval.

Jack and loch raven

Z playing fetch with Jack

Jack + stick + water = love

He bounded through the forest in his graceful-prance-like way, chasing after birds and biting at bugs. He would run ahead or leave on a mission to catch something but always returned when called which was great.

K and Z hiking with Jack

Exploring FRIENDS

We made plans with Jenna to introduce him to Chance. Z and I really want him to be able to have a source of social interaction with other dogs (we can only play and entertain him so much on our own). Knowing that Chance is a low key (and low to the ground) individual we assumed it would be a good fit.

Jack and Ollie

It was! They became quick friends, although you can’t help but laugh at their dynamic.

Jack and Ollie playing under table

Our friend Keri was at a nearby park with her three dogs so we headed on over. Z walking Jack and Jenna walking Chance

On walks Jack’s not so much a fan of other dogs (especially those his size or larger) but having lived with three other ones at his foster home we knew he could do it. We ripped the band-aid off so to speak and decided to see what happened.

At the park the softball field had become an unofficial neighborhood doggie play area. Federal Hill dog park

The result? Yeeeeeah, it was all a bit much for him. Although the other dogs were nothing but playful and investigative Jack wanted no part of it. He growled and showed his teeth any time another dog got close to him….all except his buddy Chance.

While he may have felt overwhelmed in this particular situation, similar to the “new people in our house thing,” meeting new dogs is something that is going to happen. He needs to understand that they’re not a threat, not going to harm him, and move on.

Keri Jenna and Kerry w/ dogs

(Can’t believe we got them to stay still for a picture!)

Hooray for a week of new experiences and exploration!

I want to know…

When is the last time you went hiking?

How did YOU spend your Friday night?