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I’m very picky when it comes to selecting a restaurant for a dinner out. With my many food intolerances finding dishes that I can eat/ can be altered so I can eat them is often times overwhelming.

I had been researching a number of places for my birthday dinner and wasn’t finding anything appealing. Right when I was about to throw in the towel and give up, I looked up the menu for The Point in Fells.

The Point in Fells logo

The restaurant is one of the many dining options along Thames Street in Fells Point. Although I pass it on a regular basis I have never been.K at The Point in Fells via The Vintage Pea

This picture was from a photo shoot I did with The Vintage Pea and that was almost three years ago. The restaurant has been there that long and I have yet to try it.

The Atmosphere

The first floor consists of a bar and lounge area. It was a Friday and happy hour was in effect. For a more casual experience that would certainly be an option.

The Point in Fells Happy Hour specials

We opted for the upstairs dining area which we had all to ourselves. The benefit of early bird dinner eaters I suppose. Upstairs dining room at The Point in Fells Menu from The Point in Fells

The Drinks

There were a number of fun specialty cocktails to chose from.

Mom went with a summery cucumber-mint concoction which the bartender came over to say was the best one he’s ever made. I tasted it and it was in fact pretty darn delicious.

Cucumber mint cocktail from The Point in Fells

Z went with the red wine sangria which was excellent. The perfect blend of wine and fruit. I went with an orange crush sans vodka (my stomach had been acting up recently) and it was extremely refreshing.

The Point in Fells Cocktails

The Food

When I can I enjoy ordering fish when I go out to eat. It’s not something I get overly fancy with in the kitchen nor necessarily know the perfect way to cook so it’s a treat to have professionals do it for me!

Menu from The Point in Fells

That being said I knew I wanted the salmon, Z went with pizza, Mom opted for a salad.

Green Tea Salmon

golden raisins, pine nuts, basmati rice, tea infused red miso broth

Green Tea Salmon from The Point in Fells

bbq duck pineapple Flatbread

bbq ground duck, pineapple, red onion, molasses bbq sauce, fresh mozzarella

BBQ Duck Flatbread Pizza from The Point in Fells

watermelon and crab Salad

blood orange citrus vinaigrette, artisan lettuce

Watermelon and Crab Salad from The Point in Fells

All three of the dishes were wonderful!

The Verdict

An overall delightful dining experience: nice atmosphere, excellent service, delicious drinks and unique entrees.

K and Z at The Point in Fells

If you’re in Fells Point and looking for a nice sit-down restaurant as opposed to a pub atmosphere this is a great option. I’ll certainly be keeping this in mind for out of town guests.

For more information:

Contact info for The Point in Fells