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Remember that little “Mom’s Visit To-Do List” I created not too long ago? Well here’s creation #1 from that list!

DIY Jewelry Organizer from The Adventures of Z and K

My jewelry storage situation was a nightmare. I am organized in many aspects of my life but when it comes to accessories, not so much.

Unorganized jewelry in basket

I rarely even think about putting on a bracelet or a necklace mostly because I don’t want to spend time picking through/untying/untangling.

It was time for this to change. After seeing this project on the blog Adorable Antics I set out to make one of my own.

Step 1: Go to Dollar Store

That’s right! The best kind of project is a CHEAP project. The expandable hooks I used came from the closet section of our local Dollar Tree. I bought two of them for a buck a piece.

Closet section of Dollar Tree

(*Note: make sure you go to Dollar TREE where everything is actually $1. Don’t be fooled by places like Dollar General…things cost more there).

Step 2: Choose Location

Our bathroom closet is nice and deep so I knew that I wanted to hang the racks on the wall right inside. That way they would be easily accessible but not out in plain sight.

K in bathroom closet

Step 3: Choose Height and Angle

I have quite a few long necklaces so I chose to hang the racks at a slight angle so they would not be dangling on top of one another. Once I got the right positioning I used the screws provided and attached the racks to the wall.

Attaching dollar store hanger to wall with screwdriver

Step 4: Hang Jewelry

I organized necklaces into short and long sizes. The short ones went on the top rack with the longer ones designated to the bottom.

Dollar store jewelry holder with long necklaces

Dollar store jewelry holders in bathroom closet

Now when I open the closet door I have a nice display that easily allows me to see what I own. Imagine that.

Even better: it only cost me $2.

I’ll have you know I had a very diligent supervisor during this project:

Dog asleep on bathroom floor

I want to know…

Do you wear jewelry often? If so what kind?

Do you have any jewelry with sentimental value?

Where do you buy most of your jewelry?

I always always wear earrings. I feel naked without them. Mostly just small pearls or silver studs. The necklaces you see in the pictures above came from my year-long stint as a Premier Designs Consultant. Lately, any jewelry I buy (which in general is rare) comes from Target. As far as sentimental? I have a necklace with a small silver pyramid attached that Z gave me before leaving for Egypt. I was wearing it when he proposed.