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The theme of Jack’s first week: adjustment. Life in downtown Baltimore is quite different than farm country Maryland.

Cars were scary, shadows walking by the front windows were scary, the tag on his dog bed was scary.

Walks were a struggle as every car that passed by caused him to cower. Hair would stand up and loud barking would ensue the minute we got within eye sight of another dog.dog sleeping on mat in front of glass door

Inside the house though he remained low-key. His favorite spot quickly became the mat in our office where he would sleep away the afternoon while I worked on the computer. Jack and Zach Napping on floor

We took him on his first journey to nearby Patterson Park to enjoy some time in open green space. We even went for a short jog around the pond and by the end he looked like this:

dog on grass in patterson park baltimore md

Knowing he is hesitant with new people and dogs, we set up a meet and greet with Z’s brother Colter and his dog Ollie. Jack and Ollie seemed to hit it off and by the end of the walk were rolling around in the grass together like old friends.

walking dogs in patterson park baltimore maryland

The following day my Mom arrived in town. Jack needed some adjusting once again: this time to a new person in the house. The first day was filled with lots of hesitation, growling, avoidance and stares if my Mom even talked to him.Mom meeting Jack in kitchen

Thanks to some time (and constantly keeping treats in her pocket) by day 2 of the visit Jack had accepted her in to the pack.

He even helped supervised Mom and me with our DIY project in the bathroom!

Dog sleeping on bathroom floor

While lots of adjustment was needed, Jack’s shown amazing progress even within a week. Having an animal trainer in the house has been good for him as I strive to set clear expectations and consistency all through positive reinforcement.

Tomorrow we plan getting up super early (let’s be honest we do that already) and taking him on a hike. Some time out of the city will be good for him!

One week down, many more to come!

I want to know…

If you have a pet, what is the weirdest thing they do?

Any unusual quirks, fears, reactions, etc?