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It’s Monday. My stay-cation ended yesterday. It’s back to normal life…well, as normal as life with a new dog can be.

Last Wednesday I turned the big 2-9. Birthdays are not something I get crazy about anymore (when I was a kid there were extensive count downs). Instead I spent a nice low-key day with my favorite person.

My Birthday-Day

7:00aM: Present from Z

When I came down into the kitchen Z asked me if I noticed anything different. I glanced around and saw a juicer all set up on the counter. So fun!K with Cuisinaart juicer

We had looked at them previously (after watching the documentary Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead). There are so many delicious sounding recipes that I can’t wait to try out!

11:30am: Picnic on the Bay

We drove 30 minutes to Sandy Point State Park. The weather was overcast, but warm with a cool breeze coming from the water. Z and  K at Sandy Point State Park

Z packed a nice picnic and we enjoyed it overlooking the beach, bay and bridge.

Picnic at Sandy Point State Park with Bay Bridge in background

12:00: Beach relaxation

We had brought along towels and swim suits, but at the last minute decided to go catch a matinee instead. Before leaving though we enjoyed some time relaxing in the sand.

Beach at Sandy Point State Park

1:15pm: Garden & Nursery Visit

On the way to the movie we stopped by a quaint little garden and nursey center on a quest for mint.

Nusery and garden in Stevensenville Maryland

I saw a lot of juicing recipes listing it as an ingredient so I thought it could be fun to have a plant of my own. They had lots of varieties including pineapple, chocolate and ginger mint!

Ginger mint plant

2:00: Movie Matinee

Could this theatre BE anymore Annapolis???

Bow Tie Cinemas Annapolis

Although I’ve not been impressed with movies recently and therefore hesitant to spend an arm and a leg to go to one, I knew there was a good chance that I’d like this movie seeing as how both Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy are great. It was indeed enjoyable (kind of like of Miss Congeniality but with profanity) and Z and I found ourselves laughing for most of the 2 hours. The Heat

7:00pm: Dinner & Modern Family

While initially we had grand plans of staying in Annapolis for dinner, the puppy had already been in his crate all day, plus I was tired and not feeling 100%. We decided to postpone “official” birthday dinner and opt for a quiet night at home with one of our favorite families: The Dunpheys and Pritchetts.

Modern Family Season 1 DVD cover


7:45pm: Care Package Presents!

Kristi had sent me a box in the mail which I saved to open until my actual birthday. I loved all the fun surprises! Thanks Kristi!K opening care pacakge

Flavored almonds (dark chocolate, blueberry, caramel macchiato), Dunkin Donuts coffee, dates, chia seeds, hazelnut butter, hazelnut chocolate, dark chocolate, gum, magazines and multi-colored post-its with a label that said “5 months until your special day! One color for each month!.)

Another birthday down. Next year is a big one! Better enjoy this last year of being wild/carefree/crazy/in my 20s….haha, describes me perfectly, huh?

I want to know…

What is the last movie you saw in the theatre?