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This week my focus was more on the new dog than on myself, admittedly. Between helping Jack settle in, my birthday and Mom visiting workouts were sporadic. Life happens though and that’s ok!


Since it was my first day home with Jack I didn’t want to leave him so instead attempted a workout at home…

Warm-Up: Gentle Yoga Stretch

Tara Stiles Stretch

Workout:  “Cocktail Dress Workout” (Tone It Up)

tone it up cocktail dress workout

I gave it my best effort but Jack was un-amused. He ended up sitting right at my feet and interpreting planks as an invitation to play.

Jack with dumbells


Workout: Yoga Fusion class

Our trial gym membership ends this week so I headed to the gym to try out another group fitness class.

The MAC yoga fusion class description

This week the instructor focused the class on hip stretching/ opening /alignment.  While not overly challenging, it was a nice opportunity to stretch (seeing as how I skipped dance this week in favor of birthday celebrations).


Workout: Pilates

Z and I had planned on getting up early to make it to a 6am class at the gym. I never heard the alarm go off and neither did he (whoops!). Instead, after a productive morning in front of the computer for the both of us we hit up the gym for a lunch time workout. Pool for him, pilates for me. Pilates scissors

It’s been a LONG time since I’ve been to a pilates class. What’s so great about it is that it’s dance-inspired and focuses on stretching, core strength and posture. The move has always been one of my favorites: with head/shoulder off the mat, core engaged, grab your leg and pulse two times before repeating on the other side.

Workout: Dog walking

Once we got back from the gym it was the dog’s turn for exercise! I downloaded the Map My Walk app to see just how far we went:

Patterson Park dog walk

Distance: 2.04 miles

There were more walks over the following two days and with Jack’s long legs and prancy nature you’ve gotta go at a good pace to keep up. Z and I both agreed that having a dog will definitely be getting us out of the house more which is nice. We’ll see how enthusiastic we are once downpours and blizzards hit….