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My Mom will be arriving in town this morning for a belated birthday visit. Z is off today so the three of us will be able to spend the day together.

Tomorrow though Z is off to National Guard duty which means….girls day!

Whenever my Mom comes to visit I rely on her to help me with craft/ organization/ household/ cooking/ baking projects. With a keen scrapbookers eye she’s able to figure out how best to organize a cabinet or a pretty way to decorate a bookshelf.

Mom making DIY Christmas Wreath

As you can see from above she helped me make my own pinecone wreath for Christmas. While here last month she helped me plant flowers in my window boxes. A task I’ve been meaning to do since we moved in….14 months ago….

Plants for window flower boxes at Home Depot

So I decided to brainstorm a list of ideas. Not sure what we’ll have the time or motivation to do, but I figured a wish-list couldn’t hurt!


Quinoa Breakfast Bars (The Lean Green Bean)

The recipe makes 6 meal sized bars but I’m thinking of making them smaller as a quick and easy snack option.

Quinoa Breakfast Bars from the Lean Green Bean

Spelt Bread in the Bread Machine(Food.com)

I have my Mom’s old bread machine and have yet to use it. Z decided this had to change and wants to make his own bread. Luckily I have a bag of unopened spelt in the pantry waiting to be used. Perhaps Mom can teach us how exactly to use this contraption.

Spelt Bread recipe for Bread Machine from Food.com

Maple Cinnamon Nut Butter (Barr And Table)

I’ve been wanting to try making my own nut butter for awhile but unfortunately do not own a food processor. My Ninja (Magic Bullet like blender) would not be able to handle running for 5 consecutive minutes. Therefore I asked my Mom to bring down hers! If I make my own nut butter it’s very likely that I will be hooked and end up buying my own food processor anyway.

Maple Cinnamon Walnut Butter Barr & Table

To Make

Jewelry Holder (Adorable Antics)

My current jewelry situation is a mess. There are things I forget I have because I can’t see them. A new solution is needed and something like this could be cheap and easy to do.

DIY Dollar Store Jewelry Organization from Adorable Antics

 Dollar Store Spice Cupboard (The Social Home)

Another area in my life where organization is needed and I’m all about dollar store projects!

Dollar Store Spice Cupboard from The Social Home

Dog Waste Bag Holder (Design Fixation)

You know they sell all sorts of different holders to try and make poop bags classy. Why not make your own? While this requires a sewing machine and isn’t necessarily feasible for this weekend, perhaps it’s something my Mom can make for me down the line.

DIY Dog Bag Waste Holder from Design Fixation

I’ll be sure to report back with whatever it is we’re able to accomplish. Have a great weekend!