It’s July 10th which means it’s my birthday which means it’s the start of my last year as a “20 something.” Eek!

The birthday love started as early as Saturday when a care package straight from Iowa arrived at my door (thanks Kristi!). I resisted the urge to tear it open and instead decided to save it to open later today.

Birthday care pacakge

Monday Jenna hosted a birthday dinner for me at her house!

Happy Birthday to Me!

There’s always so much pressure to have an amazingly-awesome-celebratory birthday that trying to live up to that can be exhausting. I prefer a more laid back approach overall. In fact this year after asking what I wanted to do and providing a “meh…whatever” response, Z said that he’d take care of it.

So today we’re off to do…something!

I leave you with a look back at how I’ve celebrated the day in previous years…

Birthdays of the Past

I really know how to throw a party. Look at this wild bunch! A whopping three guests! Hopefully my Mom was able to keep us under control.

K birthday party

This is the year I got my first bike. This was the expression I gave when my Mom told me I couldn’t ride it at the moment…I was sans shoes…and pants.

K riding bike on birthday

There was a brief stint where I started a “tacos + margaritas” birthday dinner party birthday tradition. This tradition was short lived (two years maybe?) but at least sombrero wearing was involved.

K's tacos and margaritas birthday dinner

One year I decided I wanted to go camping for my birthday. We traveled to the majestic wilderness of Maryland where my friends surprised me with a celebratory treat. Cookie shaped like birthday cake

Then there was the year where I invited this guy who I was hanging out with to come with me and my friends to birthday karaoke. My friends attempted to embarrass me, but only because they care.

Z K and Denise at Walts Inn

Although the “tacos + margarita” tradition may not have stuck around the “cannolis instead of cake” tradition has. K and Dad at Vaccarros Pastry Shop Little Italy, MD

The birthday celebrations will continue into the weekend as my Mom ventures down for a visit.

Here’s to feelin’ fine at 29!