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Jack will be turning one year old this month. In that year however he’s gone through quite a lot. Here’s his story…

Rescue Without Borders

Jack is a Desi/Pariah dog, the native street dog of India. He was actually born IN India!

Rescue Without Borders is a New Jersey organization that rescues animals in the US as well as abroad. One of their main focuses is the IN (Indian Native) dog…but why?

“[In India] most people cannot afford to keep a dog as a pet and those who do prefer a western breed as a status symbol. So these street dogs spend their entire lives on the streets in miserable conditions with no chance of ever finding a home.

We work hard to make people aware of the plight of homeless dogs in the local shelters and also in the developing countries like India.”

Pariah dogs are direct descendants of the earliest domesticated dogs. Since they are street dogs they have qualities that help them to survive—adaptable, intelligent, overall good health, loyal and territorial (source).

Little Survivor

In August of last year, Rescue Without Borders had the following posted on their Facebook page in an album called “Little Survivor”:

Baby Tarak with cast

“Our latest rescue, another accident victim. Three pups who were barely five weeks old were crushed by a car. This little black male puppy is the only one who survived with a broken leg. He is with us now getting the medical attention he needs. His prognosis is great; he will be as good as new in one month and ready for adoption.”

This is how he earned his original name: Tarak-meaning “survivor” in Sanskrit.

Two months later, in October, he ventured down here to Maryland. Tracy, a veterinarian working with the No Kill Harford rescue organization, agreed to foster him until he could find a forever home. Timir as a puppy

Tracy gave him the name “Timir” which translates to “darkness” in Hindi.

Finding Forever

Since October, he was actually adopted by a family who took him home but ultimately was unable to provide him with what needed. Tracy then took him back. She was in no rush to get rid of him but instead focused on finding him a family that fits. Timir on a hike

In the mean time he lived with her and her three other dogs on a farm up near the MD/PA line. Tracy would take him to her vet clinic to socialize and go for runs and hikes with him.

Fast forward to three weeks ago…

Z meeting Timir

Hearing his story and all the positive things Tracy had to say about him just melted our hearts. Z and I hope that we can be his “forever family.”

Country to City

These past couple days have been quite a change for Timir starting with a name change!

Jack on dog bed

I’ve always liked the name Jack and Z agreed when he decided that with everything this dog had survived he was basically like Jack Bauer from 24. As an homage we will make Timir his official middle name though.

The other biggest change has been city life. He’s been out on a farm for the past 8 months or so. They don’t have sidewalks and cars and police sirens there. K and J on first walk

Things he’s been scared of: cars coming up behind him, my electric toothbrush, the tag on his dog bed (that was pretty funny).

Walks are a challenge as he spooks really easily. Thankfully he has an animal trainer well versed in behavior and positive reinforcement to take care of him.

Jack close up in black and white

Jack will certainly need time to transition to city life and establish a routine, but all to be expected.

Welcome to Baltimore, Jack!