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Back in August I wrote a post called Doggie Desire. In the post I pleaded my case for so badly wanting a dog. Landlord had a strict no pets rule so it was unfortunately not an option at the time.

After a year of being superbly stellar tenants, our wonderful landlord said…ok.

So after some searching, yesterday THIS happened…


K+Z+dog makes 3.

That’s right….meet Jack!

The Find

I came across Jack (formerly Timir) while searching through page after page of potential puppies on Petfinder. Timir Petfinder posting

From the post he seemed to be just what we were looking for: young (but not a puppy), medium sized, loves exercising but willing to relax, needing a home with strong leadership (aka training), neutered, up to date on all shots….AND there was a video which showed him frolicking in a stream on a hike. Being able to get a visual representation like that was so great!

The Rescue

I clicked on the links for more information and saw he was listed through a rescue organization in a neighboring county called No Kill Harford.

No Kill Harford logo

No Kill Harford mission

No Kill Harford does not have an actual shelter, but rather consists of a network of volunteer foster homes. We were able to contact Jack’s foster Mom and arrange a visit.

The Visit

Z and I headed about an hour north of the city to farm-country Maryland. Once we arrived we met Tracy, a veterinarian who was fostering Jack. She had three other dogs as well so Jack had plenty of play mates.

Meeting Timir

Tracy was able to provide us background information on him as well as give us tips as to what his favorite toys are, his experiences with crating, and his interactions when meeting other dogs/new people for the first time. All valuable information that you don’t necessarily get when adopting a rescue dog.

Tracy explained that although he’s grown on her, she’d love to find him his forever home because she knows there are more dogs that need her help.

Z was sold instantly but being the big picture-over-analyzer-planner that I am I needed to sleep on it. After all, it’s a big decision! In the end all signs pointed to yes. He was exactly what we were looking for. We emailed Tracy the next day and told her we’d take him!

I have this entire week off in honor of my birthday (why not treat myself as I enter the last year of my 20s) so Z and I decided it would be the perfect time to get him acclimated.

It really happened! I’m so excited!

Jack and Zach in carStay tuned this week as I share more about Jack, including his amazing back story.

I want to know…

Do you have a pet? If so what kind?

Have you ever rescued an animal?