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SCUBA Day. A nice low-key 45 minute dive. Nothing crazy.


Morning Stretch: We’ve really fallen off the wagon when it comes to our morning stretch routine and my body is definitely feeling the effects. Before heading in to work I took 20 minutes and completed this stretching yoga sequence.

Tone It Up- Beach Yoga

Workout: Work involved lots of physical activity/heavy lifting which left my arms (left one especially) feeling like it got a tetanus shot/did 200 bicep curls.


Workout: Run/Walk Interval Treadmill Workout (PB Fingers)

Run Walk Interval Treadmill Workout from PB Fingers

I only got through 20 minutes of it before the “Core Chisel” class Z and I wanted to try was about to start. I quickly realized upon seeing an empty room that I looked at the calendar wrong and there was no such class that day (K fail).


Workout: Dance!

A Step Ahead Dance Center

Summer classes have begun (for the next 5 weeks). Seeing as how my last actual class was early last month I welcomed the opportunity to stretch everything out. One of the best spine stretches we did:

Pilates roll over


Workout: Fourth of July Circuit Workout.

The goal: 7 reps of 4 times through of 13 exercises….7-4-13. Clever huh?

7.4.13 workout

Unfortunately we ventured to the gym before my late shift at work began and only managed to get in 2 rounds. It was still fun though! It went quickly and kept us moving.


Workout: Barre Conditioning class at the gym.

Seeing as how we only have week left on our trial membership I’m taking full advantage and hitting up this class every Friday while I still can. Burpee on glider disc

Our instructor has been incorporating gliding discs which has been a lot of fun. They allow for more fluid movement, such as in the burpee-inspired more above.


Workout: Hiking!

Hiking at Oregon Ridge State Park

We started out the morning (at 6:30am) with a 1.5hr hike north of town at Oregon Ridge State Park. The trails there were wide and well cared for and while not necessarily challenging, DID include fun stream crossings (thank goodness for waterproof hiking shoes!).

Glad to have gotten in so many different forms of movement this week!