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I was inspired to pick up mason jars after reading a post called “Salad-in-a-jar: 101” on the site Back to Her Roots.

I loved the idea that they were customizable and easy to prep ahead of time. Make them all at once and you’ll have lunch packed for the rest of the week!

I headed to our local Ace Hardware and picked some up. Ball wide mouth mason jars Ace Hardware

Multi-Functional Masons


The first thing I did was create my own salad in a jar concoction. The result?

Italian Delight Salad in a Jar 2

By putting the dressing on the bottom the greens stay fresh, not soggy, until you’re ready to eat! I’ll throw a jar in my lunchbox and then pour it into a bowl and give a good mix once I’m at work.

But the jar fun doesn’t stop there! I’ve found myself using them for other things as well!


I seemed to be lacking dependable, spill-proof containers for smoothie transportation (learned that the hard way). But now, problem solved! Carrot smoothie moved without mess. Hooray!

Carrot Pineapple Ginger Smoothie


They make great storage containers as well. The seal of the lids is fantastic and keeps anything inside of it nice and fresh.

I transferred all the nuts I had in my cabinet out of the bags that they came in and into the jars. I then labeled them to make them pretty.

Mason jars as storage containers for nutsMason jars with printable labels used for nut storageGIFTS

This idea wasn’t mine, but I can very easily see myself doing something like this…

I saw a post called “37 Recipes How To Make Gifts In A Jar.” Amidst ideas for homemade cookie mixes and bath salts, this was my favorite:Energy in a jar diy gift idea

Lea who blogs over at Healthy Coconut made these for her girlfriends during their yearly Secret Santa gift exchange. No need to save for Christmas though, they could be good for lots of other celebrations.

As you can see, I’m very excited about my new found purchase and may or may not be contemplating going back and getting more sizes. I won’t stop until I mason jar my entire house.

I want to know…

What is one thing you would make sure to include if making “Energy in a Jar”?

For me it would definitely be dark chocolate!