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It’s a good thing we picked this time of year to use that gym membership because with a heat index over 100 degrees this past week there’s no way I would be running outside. I’m sorry. Just not gonna happen.

(Side note: Looking back on the week we’ve really been slacking with the morning stretching. That combined with my dance hiatus has left me lacking in the flexibility department. Good thing dance starts up again this week and I can hopefully fix that issue.)


They were lonnnnng days at work leaving no motivation to do anything else. As a girl who NEVER naps I ended up falling asleep on the couch after getting home from work at 5pm. That says something!


Z met me at the gym after work (it’s so nice having it between work and home!). My goal has been to pick workouts that we wouldn’t normally be able to do at home.

We started off with a treadmill interval workout from Peanut Butter Fingers. Increasing incline quickly adds intensity. The good part about these interval routines is that they go by quickly as I’m focusing on watching the time. Speed work isn’t something I normally do so it’s been a nice change of pace…literally (haha). image

Next I found a routine from Tina Reale that used medicine balls. They are not something we have at home so this was the perfect opportunity to mix things up.





Tackled another treadmill + weights workout at the gym. 051

Yes, that’s Steve Harvey….I don’t watch daytime tv so didn’t even know he had a show. I was hoping to catch Ellen, but no luck.


The cool part about the gym is that the group fitness studios are free to use whenever there are no classes. At 4pm on a Thursday I had the place to myself for a Tone It Up routine.055




Back to the MAC’s barre class. I only have a 25 day membership so figure I might as well go every chance I get. Once again my muscles were on fire, but I loved every minute of it.



Z and I went to check out the FIT+ Expo in Harbor East.


This included a free 25min yoga session outside on the streets of Harbor East.

Since we were not lucky enough to get one of the coveted shady spots, our sunny location instantly turned this into a hot yoga class! It was fun to be doing yoga poses and looking up at high rises around you. There are lots of free yoga classes around town and Z and I decided we should really start taking advantage of them.

There you have it. That’s the week!

I want to know…

Treadmills…love them or hate them?

What is the most unique outdoor location that you’ve done a workout in?

Did you/will you do anything fun outdoors this weekend?

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