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The week of celebrations has come to a close. So now it’s time to think about what I hope to accomplish in the NEXT 365 days?

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When it comes down to it I’m a planner. It’s what I do.

I like lists. I like crossing things off those lists. I like organization. I like having goals.

Earlier this year I wrote a post for Healthy Living Blogs “Blog Tip Thursday” Series entitled: “Thoughts from a Newbie Blogger: 2013 Goal Setting.”

HLB Blog Tip Thursday Guest Post

As someone newer to the blog world I outlined goals that I was setting for myself and how I planned to accomplish them.

I decided this week would be a good opportunity to check in and assess my progress:

Goal #1: Customization

Status: Not yet complete.
I often come across blogs that are just visually appealing. They are laid out well, have great graphics and pictures, are easy to navigate, etc. I want my blog to be the same way! I want it to reflect my personality and my style. The free WordPress template I have now leaves me limited in what aspects I can truly make my own.

The Adventures of Z & K screen shot

Next step: Research self-hosting.
This means that you have complete control over your blog and can add lots of fun features. It does however come with a price…tag that is.

Goal #2: Improve Photography

Status: Ongoing.
I like to think I’ve made some progress in the world of photography. I look back at my food pics from last summer only to realize I had NO clue what I was doing. Now I know about the wonders of natural light and the use of white plates to really showcase the food.

then and now photography comparison

Next step: Learn about all the fancy features on my Nikon.
I know there is so much more than “automatic” mode. I want to learn about and play around with the aperture and shutter speed and understand what they are and how to use them.  There are plenty of online resources (such as Kevin & Amanda.com) but maybe I’ll even look into taking a class!

Goal #3: Quality over Quantity

Status: Ongoing.
This was in regards to frequency of posts. I used to feel this overwhelming need to have a post up each and every day and thought it was the end of the world if I didn’t.

Now, I’m working on my posts in advance. This helps me have ones planned for most days of the week, but if I miss a day it’s not the end of the world. I work 40 hours a week, I have a fiancé and friends and plans and if that means I’m not in front of my computer writing it means I’m off living life instead. And that’s ok.

Goal #4: Start Commenting

Status: Ongoing.

Not gonna lie, I LOVE getting comments on my posts. I appreciate all of you who take the time to answer my question of the day. If nothing else it helps me get to know you all better!

Blog comment image

I therefore have made an effort to take more time and leave comments on those blogs that I read often. It shows support for the person who wrote the post and fosters a sense of community.

Goal #5: Attend/Host a Blogger Meet-Up

Status: Not yet achieved.
I would still very much like to make this happen. I’ve been able to connect with so many wonderful ladies through this online world that I’d love the chance to meet them in person.

Next step:  Invite myself to dinner in DC w/ Sara & Allison.


I have quite a few goals! Time to stop procrastinating and make them happen.

I want to know…

What is one goal (could be related to anything) that you have for yourself for the rest of the year?