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It’s day 3 of celebration week!


Today I thought I’m going back through the facts and figures and highlighting my most popular posts according to YOU, the readers.

Which posts were the most popular?


diy tank top from pinterest | The Adventures of Z and K

DIY Race Bib holder | The Adventures of Z & K

  • Food Ideas (A compilation of food related posts.)

The Adventures of Z & K food ideas page

  • Wedding (All wedding related posts in one place!)

K and Z collage

  • About (Writing this was much harder than I thought it would be).

K collage

Healthy Two Ingredient Funfetti Dip | The Adventures of Z & K


  • People from 110 different countries have come to this site!

World map showing blog readers

Sweet Potato Bites from The Lean Green Bean recipe and steps

  • Top commenters?

Top blog commenters

In Summary

People love chocolate chip cookies and crafts. The end.

I want to know…

What do you think makes a good blog?

Is it the design? The colors? The title? The pictures? The content?