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It’s day 2 of celebration week. A entire week? I say, why not!

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Today I thought I’d take a look back at some of my personal favorite posts. There’s a number of reasons why they may have been favorites: a great picture, a fun memory, a well thought-out piece of writing, etc.

Regardless of the reason, out of the vault and back onto the spotlight, here are some of my favorites from the past year broken down by categories from my tagline:




Since I realized that I feature more than just those three topics, here are some bonus ones:


Revisiting these posts has been rather fun. Having a record of all the things I’ve done over the past year is truly a special thing. Even little moments or occurrences which may have easily gotten forgotten about are documented, photographed and preserved for me. An online walk down memory lane…

I want to know…

Have you ever kept a journal? or a diary?

Have you ever made a photo-album or scrapbook to preserve memories?