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Yesterday, this little blog of mine turned one year old!

The Adventures of Z & K 1st Birthday

365 days? Already??

Seems like just yesterday I was toying around with the idea of starting a blog after getting so much motivation and inspiration from the ones I was reading. With Z’s encouragement I did it. Signed up. Sat down. Wrote my very first post.

It was refreshing to go back and look at that post and to reflect on my inspiration for starting this little project in the first place.

My Identity

It’s taken me awhile to find my blogger identity. Over the past 12 months I caught myself comparing my blog to those of girls who have been doing this for 5 or more years. I would worry that mine looked too plain or maybe I should be creating my own recipes or maybe I should be trying the new workout craze.

An eye opening moment occurred when the host of a popular weekly link-up contacted me to say that my contributions weren’t fitting the criteria she was looking for. That they were in fact going against everything the link-up stood for and that maybe by making some changes my posts would better conform.

It was definitely a moment that shook my confidence. I felt frustrated…I was being told how to write on MY blog. I wondered why I was even bothering writing posts at all. Does anyone actually read them? Does anyone actually care? (A bit dramatic, I know). K blogging in St. Lucia

I took a moment and thought back to those reasons I started The Adventures of Z & K in the first place. In that very first post I wrote:

“A place to document my ideas, thoughts and pictures of my attempts to live a healthy lifestyle all while home decorating, wedding planning, spending far too much time on Pinterest and of course animal training…”

That right there is what this blog is about.

My Motivation

Creating posts each week allows me an outlet outside of my 40hr/wk job to pursue other passions in my life: photography, social media, cooking, crafting, writing.Nikon camera close up

Creating posts each week allows me to share my life with family and friends who live hundreds of miles away.

K and Z at Virginia winery

Creating posts each week allows me opportunities inspire, motivate and educate. reduced low and no sugar added food labels

Creating posts each week allows me to be me. I’m not just a foodie, I’m not just a fitness junkie, I’m not just a crafter, I’m not just a wedding planner. I’m a mish-mash-hodge-podge-combination of all of those things.

K One Year Blogiversary Collage

My Message To You

That being said, I want to thank all of you who follow along with the many adventures that Z and I have. I appreciate each and every one of you who take the time to view my pictures, read my thoughts and leave encouraging comments.

A Week of Celebration

On a lighter note, I have a week of fun celebratory posts planned (after all, you only turn one once!). I plan to take a look back at MY favorite posts as well as yours AND I have a little treat in store for one lucky reader as a way of saying thanks. So stay tuned!

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