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I’m so thankful to have found a studio which allows me to dance once a week. Seeing as how it’s been such a big part of my life all these years, it’s nice to have that kind of outlet.

The culmination of my year of weekly classes was a recital. It’s a great chance to showcase what you’ve been working on for months and an opportunity for family and friends to get to see you perform (last year was the first time Z ever saw me dance!).

My class is made up of girls just like me: ones who danced while growing up and still have a passion for it.

Proud Mary- collage

Proud Mary Dancers at Dress Rehearsal

Our routine was the last dance of the show…gotta end with a bang!Proud Mary Group Shot

A number of my friends have asked, “did you take a video??” The answer, thanks to Mom, is yes!

Here it is…
(I start in the center and then end up on the front left, just an FYI).

Adult Advanced Jazz. A Step Ahead Dance Center. Baltimore, MD.

So that, my friends, is how I spend my Wednesday evenings.

In addition to dancing, my friend Kelly asked me to take some pictures during rehearsal for her. I enjoyed playing around with my camera and attempting to capturing moments. As a dancer I found I could easily anticipate when good shots might arise. Here are some of my favorites:

Ballet- Just FeetBallet- Pose from back

Lyrical- Group Pose

Senior Company Candid

Lyrical- Kelly

And so another year of dance comes to an end. But only for three weeks…summer classes start the first week of July.

I want to know…

What childhood passion/activity/etc do you wish you could revisit?