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Z was still off playing soldier in the woods of Virginia leaving me on my own for workouts. Goal for near future: get to a local yoga class. I’m craving it.


Morning Stretch: Morning Yoga Fix

Workout:  SCUBA + Run

I started my morning with some SCUBA. Lucky for me it did not involve using large scrubber machine (aka “the beast”). Just hand scrubbing some algae. You know, how most people start their mornings…

When I got home that afternoon the weather was gorgeous and upon the stormy weekly forecast I decided to head out for a short run.Canton running route

It had been awhile since I ran, so I went out with the mindset of just enjoying it. Not worrying about pace or time, just listening to my body and going at a pace that felt comfortable.


Morning Stretch: Before Bed Yoga (good for mornings too!)

Workout:  Blonde Ponytail’s Power Circuit + Long & Lean Yoga

The circuit was fast paced (20 seconds per move w/10 seconds rest). Squat jumps with weights caught up to me quickly.

Blonde Ponytail Power Circuit

Once the heart rate was up it was time to hit the mat. I had gotten this DVD from Netflix based on the positive reviews on the site:Long and Lean YogaAlthough skeptical at first (the graphics appeared to be from the 90s) the workout itself was actually really good! I had to take modifications for some moves, and will continue doing so until  the day comes where I am a true yogi and master chaturanga push-ups.


Morning Stretch: Morning Yoga For Flexibility


Afternoon Stretch: Run Yoga Run

Workout:  Tone It Up “San Tropez”  Full Body Workout


Afternoon Stretch: 5-Minute Flexibility Yoga


Z returned home and we enjoyed the weather with a stroll along our usual running route, waterfront in Canton.

Canton Waterfront Park


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Although the weather’s not as beautiful as yesterday I hope you enjoy your Sunday nonetheless.