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There are three reasons why today is a very special day.

REASON #1: Z’s Birthday!

Z turns the big 2-8. With our birthdays being exactly one month apart this means that we are the same age for the next 4 weeks (what can I say, I’m a cougar and went for a guy 11 months younger). I can no longer use the phrase, “I’ll tell you when you’re older” during this time. Darn.

Z Bday Collage

REASON #2: Three Years of K & Z

Gosh, first dates are so stressful, aren’t they?

I remember feeling such pressure that this guy, who didn’t know me at all, wanted to take me on a date on his birthday. Well, I’m glad he did.

Z two year anniversary picnic

He planned a picnic in the Canton Waterfront Park that we run by all the time. Inside a large basket he had delicious sandwiches that he made, cheese and crackers, and even gave me first choice as to which Vitamin Water flavor I wanted (such a gentleman).

We’ve had so many adventures during our three years together and are bound to have countless more (hence the name of this blog!). K and Z dip collage around the world

REASON #3: Exactly 6 Months to the Wedding

Wow this year is flying by. While there are still tons of details to figure out I at least take comfort in the fact that we have plane tickets, a place to stay, a dress to wear, photographers to capture it and friends to join us. The food, drinks and décor will all get figured out…eventually. K and Z underwater kiss st lucia

So yeah. Today’s a big day.

Happy birthday/anniversary/wedding countdown day Z! Love you!!!!