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This week I quit running. Well, not permanently. I just didn’t do it. Why? I just didn’t really feel like it…and that’s ok with me. This week featured more of what I’d call “alternative” workouts. SCUBA and dancing.


Morning Stretch: Bend it Like Tara

Workout:  SCUBA

Wow this dive was tough. I was TIIIIIIIRED. We got a new power scrubber that is a beast. My legs were already tired from Jillian yoga the day before. Add to that pushing a large object that is trying to turn the opposite way you are. Good times.

I was actually sweating in my wetsuit. Yes, sweating underwater…


Morning Stretch: Yoga for Stiff Neck and Back

Workout:  AM- Abs, PM- Core + Cardio

I saw this “30 day abs challenge” posted on Facebook and decided that it could be an easy way to incorporate a bit of core work each day. I simply added it on to my morning yoga stretch.

When I got home that evening I went through this Tone It Up workout.


Morning Stretch: Destress Yoga

Workout: Dancing…kinda.

Tuesday evening was the dress rehearsal for my dance recital on Saturday. We went through the routine three times in full hair/make-up/costume.


Morning Stretch: Morning Yoga Fix

Workout:  More SCUBA!

This time, no beast of a scrubber. Instead it involved using paint scrapers to remove paint from the floor of the pool. No cardio, but after 47 minutes that’s a lot of fine toning for the arms!


Morning Stretch: Very Gentle Morning Yoga

Workout:  Tone It Up’s  “Pura Vida Workout + “Thailand Tush

The Pura Vida workout focused on arms. Winner of “most challenging move”:


Yeeeeah, they didn’t work out so well for me. I modified them and did the best I could but it’s awkward and tricky.

As far the the “Thailand Tush” routine, this move was true to its name:


It’s amazing how such little movements can create such a large impact. Whew!


Morning Stretch: Morning Routine


Morning Stretch: None. Stretched in evening in preparation for dance recital!

Workout: Walk with Mom in AM. Dance recital in PM.

She was in town for the weekend and before breakfast we set out on a 2.6 mile stroll through Fells with end destination being the farmer’s market.



Then later that evening it was time to throw on the gold heels and sparkly dress and dance it up!

IMG_20130608_203517_115 - Copy

More on that to come (maybe even video!).

Hope your weekend was wonderful. Let’s get this new week started!