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Yesterday, Lindsay over at The Lean Green Bean hosted a “Pin It Party.”

pin it party Pin It Party 2

She encouraged bloggers to find five posts that they have written that would be great additions to the world of Pinterest, and compile them into one single post which she would link to her on her site.

As a avid Pinterest user (addict) I decided I should probably participate. Not that I need any reason to spend more time on there, but I love the fact that Lindsay is promoting content sharing and I love coming across new recipes, crafts and workouts to add to my copious Pinterest boards.

Here are my contributions….some of my previous “pin-worthy” posts:

{Chocolate Pumpkin Animal Cracker Bites]

Chocolate Pumpkin Animal Cracker Bites

{Fresh Herb Quinoa}

Fresh Herb Quinoa - The Adventures of Z and K

{15 Questions to Ask on Date Night}

Date Nigh- 15 Questions to Ask Your Fiance

{D.I.Y. World Travel Map}

DIY world travel map

{“For the Love of Running” Gift Bag}

running gift bag

See something you like? Pin it now and save it for later. While you’re at it, head on over to The Lean Green Bean and check out some of the other fun creations. Your Pinterest boards will be over-flowing in no time!