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Z and I have lived in our current house for over a year now. Since that time I struggled with how to decorate the space above the couch in the living room.

Red framed print over couch

I couldn’t come up with anything groundbreaking design idea, so I stuck a small red framed print there and called it a day. I wasn’t 100% happy with it, but it would do until something better came along.

Shortly thereafter my friend Pinterest showed me another possibility:

Over the couch photo shelf as seen on Pinterest

I’m not sure where the original image is from (the link on Pinterest is no longer valid and my search efforts failed) but I loved this idea. I pinned it and decided that was what I wanted to make.

Well a year went by, we renewed our lease, but still no photo shelf…..that is until now!

Z and I recently took a trip to the magical land of Ikea with a gift card in hand and I decided it was time to make my design dream a reality.

Over the couch photo ledge and frames from Ikea

I’d seen similar shelves at Target but they were not cheap. This one from Ikea was only $14.99. While I was there I grabbed some frames, the smaller being $1.99/ea and the two larger $4.99/ea.

Photo ledge and frames from ikea I left the hanging of the shelf/tool usage to Z and I set out combing through folders on my computer trying to pick out the perfect pictures.

Did I want to go with a theme? All engagement pictures? Travel shots? Color or black and white?

I wanted to find pictures that represented “us.” Not gonna lie, I spent quite some time picking them out.

Over the couch photo ledge Z and K

I made sure to include the picture at the base of the Bent Pyramid in Egypt where Z proposed. The K and Z letters I had picked up last summer at Michael’s. I never really quite knew what to do with them until now!

K and Z egypt proposal

On the other side I cropped a photo of hieroglyphics I had taken inside one of the temples that we visited. It looks fake, but I promise you, I saw it…it’s real.

Right next to that I put a picture that was taken the day Z returned home from deployment. An amazing moment we were lucky enough to have captured.

K and Z deployment homecoming

The deployment/Egypt in general played a big part in our relationship—getting through that made us the couple we are today. That couple is one who is getting married in 6 months so we wanted to include one of our favorite engagement photos as well. This is our favorite. Candid and totally “us.”

K and Z engagement picture

With all of the colors in the living room I decided to keep everything black and white.  A classy, simple touch.

Even though it took me awhile, I’m glad to finally check this craft project off the “to-do” list! The great part is that it’s completely customizable and I can add or take away pictures and frames whenever I feel like it. An ever evolving project.

Over the couch photo ledge

I want to know…

Do you have a favorite photo of you and your significant other? Why is it your favorite?