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A little racing a little lifting a sprinkle of dancing and a lot of yoga. Sums up this week’s activities quite well.


Morning Stretch: Morning Yoga For Flexibility


Morning Stretch: Run Yoga Run

Workout:  Special Operations 5K

Monday was Memorial Day and before heading in to work I took part in the first annual “Special Operations Memorial Day 5K” here in town to benefit the Navy Seals Foundation.


I have a full recap coming tomorrow, but know that it was such a great cause and I missed hitting my 5K PR by 0.8 seconds. Stupid shoulder cramp!


Morning Stretch: Ultimate Stretch Yoga Routine

Workout: SCUBA dive.

This week’s dive wasn’t heavy on the cardio, but instead, fine toning. Using your standard run of the mill brillo-like scrubbie I hand scrubbed algae for a solid 30ish minutes. Imagine hand washing dishes non-stop for that period of time. It’ll wear your arms out!


Morning Stretch: Yoga to Get Your Morning Moving

Workout: Tone It Up Surfer’s Paradise (x2) + Sunkissed Abs

The Surfer’s Paradise routine is a full body workout with focus on strong arms and a strong core. Tricep extensions are always challenging…especially on one leg!

Tone It Up Surfer's Paradise single leg tricep extension

As for the abs routine, the “tornado” is harder than it looks…

Tone It Up Sunkissed Abs Tornado Move

Later that night I headed to my last dance class before the recital. We went through it a number of times and really tried to channel our inner Tina– we even did the dance once with our hair down, throwing it around and adding some sass. Doing turns with hair in your eyes is not ideal however…


Morning Stretch: “I Hate Stress” Sequence

Workout: Moving boxes…lots of them.

We had a delivery come in at work which required lots of manual labor. This involved having to stack/unstack 20lb boxes like this repeatedly. Frozen herring boxes


Annnnd since it’s frozen you have to do it in sub-zero temps? Sounds fun right? As Z pointed out, I was technically getting paid to work out. So could be worse, I guess.


Morning Stretch:  Gentle Morning Yoga

Workout:  SlimSanity’s “Twenty for Twenty” Workout

Twenty moves, twenty times each. While it seemed simple the fast pace got my heart rate up and any amount of burpees over 10 is challenge.


(Late) Morning Stretch: I didn’t get around to it until 11am (despite being up at 4:45am), but better late than never! Morning Yoga For Flexibility

Workout: Jillian Michaels’ Yoga Meltdown

After being in front of the computer or in the kitchen for most of the day I popped in Jillian’s Yoga Meltdown dvd that I had from Netflix and went through the Level 1 workout. I liked that she took the usual poses and pumped them up a bit by adding movement and repetitions.

There were lots of chaturanga push-ups!

Chaturanga push up

I aspire to one day be like the lady in the picture….

There you have it. Another week down AND the start of a new month.