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Seeing as how the month is coming to a close, I decided it was a good time to clean out the pics from my phone and put them on my computer for safe keeping.

Some of them I upload to Instagram/Facebook/Twitter (follow along with my photo adventures!), others I ultimately forget about.

Here’s my life from the past month or so via cell phone snap shots…

Happy Harbor

The benefits of harbor-side living is getting a view like this during our runs.Inner Harbor Canton

Spring Has Sprung

Love this view on my walk to work.

Public Works Building Inner Harbor Baltimore MD

Gummy Goodness

I have a slight gum obsession and I’ve been thoroughly enjoying these “Dessert Delights” flavors. While my favorite is still the Lemon Sorbet, the rainbow sherbet gave me flashbacks of being a kid.

Extra Dessert Delights Gum Rainbow Sherbet

Carwash Cool

I have always loved going through car washes. With the texture and colors I thought this picture took an otherwise ordinary activity and turned it into something artistic!

Car wash view from inside of car

Clever Chocolate

What great marketing! I saw these while visiting my folks in New York. If you read the fine print it sayw, “VOID when wrapper is opened.” I chuckled.

No weight gain chocolate bar

Soothing Sunrise

There are definite benefits to being an early riser. This includes glimpses of beautiful pinky-purple morning hues. This was taken from my bedroom at my parents’ house. Sunrise in Salt Point New York

Stormy Seas

While on my way to pick up my packet for The Color Run, I made sure to maintain a quick pace in order to avoid being caught in this impending storm.

Stormy Sky over Inner Habor Baltimore Maryland

Daring Donor

Despite being rejected repeatedly (low iron), I visited the Red Cross once again in an attempt to donate. I thankfully passed (if only barely) and was able to do my part to save lives. Not a bad start to my day.

Blood donor pin and snacks from the red cross

Cookie Craving

So thankful to have found this recipe for paleo chocolate chip cookies. Z was quite a fan.Z with paleo chocolate chip cookie

Preserving Praise

I recently celebrated my 7-yr Jobiversary. I still have this gold star in my locker at work that I was given to me a few months after I started. It made me feel so good at the time and I’ve kept it as a reminder of how far I’ve come.

K's gold start from work

Cannoli Celebration

Forget cake, pies, cookies….cannolis are my dessert of choice. Specifically from Vaccaro’s in Little Italy.

K with cannoli from Vaccaros Little Italy Baltimore Maryland

So there you have it. Life as seen through my phone!

I want to know…

What was the last thing you used your phone to take a picture of?