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A couple of months ago I posted about the Liebster award. It’s not a real award, but rather a “getting to know you blogger chain letter” of sorts. Along those same lines is the “Versatile Blogger Award.”

Blog Awards

The concept is simple: you pose questions to bloggers you enjoy, they answer the questions, then continue spreading the love by recognizing their favorite bloggers and so on.

Heather from Fit ‘n’ Cookies tagged me to answer questions such as: Do all of your family and friends know about your blog? What’s your favorite way to relax? Have you always been in to exercise? I had a lot of fun going through and answering them.

Well now Heather has challenged me once again, as has one of my favorite local bloggers, Sara. So here it goes…

6 Random Facts About Me

  1. In high school and college I spent my summers volunteering at The Trevor Zoo in Millbrook, NY learning the basics of exotic animal care. Here I am wrangling baby rheas (like an ostrich).

K with baby rheas

2. One of my favorite parts of college was my time as a tour guide. I gave 90 minute walking tours of campus to prospective students and their families….and I did it all walking backwards. K UMD Campus Walking Tour with MD Images 3. I love love love a cappella music. That’s probably why I enjoy things like: Glee, The Sing Off, Pitch Perfect. I may/may not have seen Rockapella in concert….twice.

Rockapella in Concert

4. I put my photography skills to use when one of my best friends got married last year. She asked me to photograph her Save The Date cards. It was such an honor and I think they turned out great!Denise and Don Save the Date

5. I recently had a random run-in with a Discovery Channel Deadliest Catch king crab fisherman–Captain Jonathan of the Time Bandit. Captain Jonathan of the Time Bandit

6. Yes, I attended this. Yes, I got the shirt. Yes, I wore it around the house while visiting my parents.Britney Spears World Tour T-Shirt

I promised you random and that’s what you got!

Sara’s “Questions for the Chosen Ones”

If you could describe yourself in one word, what would it be and why? Creative. At work or in my free time I’m happiest when I’m being creative. Whether it’s photography, DIY projects, experimenting with recipes, organizing or blogging.

Someone hands you an airplane ticket with a blank destination. Where do you fly?
Bora Bora or the Maldives. Overwater bungalows over turquoise water please.

You have an all-expenses-paid trip to the grocery store: which grocery store do you go to and what would be the highlights of your basket?
M.O.M. (My Organic Market) or Whole Foods. Highlights would include fresh produce, organic products (no weird chemicals, thank you) and clean eating treats (preservatives and additives kept to a minimum). Oh, and all the fun flavors of liquid stevia they have (I’m loving my bottle of vanilla!).

Feasibility and salary aside, what is your dream job?
Don’t know. Seeing as how I’ve been lucky enough to have my childhood dream job for the past 7 years, it’s not without sacrifices and drawbacks. I’m still trying to figure out what my grown-up ultimate-hands down dream job would be…

You can have one meal, one dessert, and one beverage for the rest of your life, what would they be?
Meal: Caprese chicken (Tomato, mozzarella and basil= winning combo).
Dessert: Hazelnut dark chocolate.
Beverage: Water  (boring, I know).

How do you describe your blog to friends/family/anyone who asks?
It’s still a weird thing for me to talk about some times. I feel like I have this secret that people in my day to day life don’t know about. Blogging has truly become something I’m passionate about and allows me a much needed creative outlet

When asked to describe my blog I tell people that I simply write about my life and all the adventures that Z and I have. Whether it’s hopping on a plane to St. Lucia, attempting new recipes, or trying a new workout, it’s a great way for our families and friends living all across the country to stay connected with us and be a part of our lives. After 11 months it’s something I’m quite proud of.

My (MD Girl) Nominees

1. Kate @ Sunshine and the Bear

2. J-Lo @ A Glass of Milk

3. Brittany @ Barr and Table

4. Jenny @ Love Eat Run

5. Kaitlyn @ Simply Complicated

What I Want To Know Is…

(relating back to my random facts)

  1. Have you ever done any type of volunteer work? If so what? If not, what organization would you like to support?
  2. Where did you go to college? What was your major? Were you in any clubs?
  3. What is the best concert you’ve gone to? Any artist you’ve seen more than once?
  4. How many weddings have you been in as a bridesmaid or Maid of Honor?
  5. Have you ever met a celebrity?
  6. What is your current guilty pleasure song?

One of the perks of the blogging community is getting to interact with lots of other great, talented, like-minded individuals that I may have never had the chance to know in my day to day life.

To all of you I must say, thank you for inspiring and motivating me!