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Z had the week off between training and starting his new job which meant I got my workout buddy back!


Morning Stretch: 5 Minute Flexibility Routine

Workout: Total body. Tone It Up “Bridal Babe” Routine (12 reps, 2x).

Not sure if I qualify for “babe” status, but I am a bride to be so I get a kick out of these themed workouts. I enjoyed this one because there was lots of arm work (which I enjoy) with one of the most challenging moves being these tricep pushups…



Morning Stretch: Very Gentle Morning Yoga

Workout: Core + “backside” from Back On Pointe.


Morning Yoga: Build Strength Evenly

Workout: Off.


Morning Stretch: Yoga to Treat Digestion

Workout: Dance.

Our recital is now a mere TWO weeks away. We spent the class running the dance over and over and over. The timing still remains tricky. The turns and kicks in heels aren’t a walk in the park either. Regardless, as long as we shimmy in our sequins I’m sure we’ll put on a good show.


Morning Stretch: Entire Body Stretch

Afternoon Stretch: Get Happy Routine

Workout: Total Body. Tone It Up’s “Santorini Bikini” Routine (12 reps, 3x).

Similar to the workout earlier in the week, the most challenging move for me was the “scuba dive”. It was essentially a graceful-yogaish-burpee of sorts.

Bend + jump to plank + lower + upward dog + plank + jump + stand.



Morning Stretch: Bend it Like Tara…The Caribbean Vacation

Workout: After sitting all day, Z requested a workout of sorts. His shoulder has been bothering him recently so I suggested some yoga so as not to intensify an injury he may have. I told him to pick out some videos to do and he came up with the following:

Lower Body Strength & Tone

Crazy Core Building Routine

Build Shoulder Strength

I’m used to the “gentle morning wake up and rejuvanate” Tara Stiles. These routines ended up being a nice challenge when done back to back to back.


Morning Stretch: Yoga for a Stiff Neck and Back

Workout: Off.

I want to know…

What have YOU got planned for this week?

Anything fun/exciting/thrilling??